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15+ Fall Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking for some pretty ideas for fall decorating, I’m sharing so many, from wreaths, to porch decor, table settings and indoor home decor!

I love fall decorating, everything about it. The colours, textures, flowers, pumpkins, the cozy, all of it, it’s my favourite! Over the years I’ve shared many fall wreaths, crafts, and home tours here on my blog, so I thought it would be fun to gather some of my most favourite fall decorating ideas into one spot, and share them with you. I hope you find some fall inspiration here for your own home. xo

Make a wreath!

Wreaths hung on the front door are such a nice way to greet guests as the seasons change. I have so many DIY wreaths to share with you, from yarn wreaths, to an embroidery hoop wreath, to this fabulous fall leaf wreath, and my favourite fall wreath, this fall floral grapevine wreath.

a Simple Fall Floral Grapevine Wreath made of orange, blue and white flowers hangs on a black door

Decorate with mums. And Pumpkins, oh my!

Is there anything that says fall more than mums and pumpkins?! I think not. Pumpkins and these gorgeous flowers make such an impact on a front patio or porch. If you want to see more of this porch, visit my fall porch post here.

Decorate your deck or patio.

Create a cozy fall patio with pumpkins, apples, sunflowers, mums and fall leaves. Sprinkle in some snuggly blankets, pillows and twinkly lights. See more of my fall patio here.

Set a fall table.

Celebrate cozy fall meals and special autumn dinners with a pretty table setting. See this simple table here for inspiration for your own table!

Or get inspired by this gorgeous Rustic Fall Table Setting with accent colours of blue and terracotta. Lovely for fall dinners and casual gatherings.

a rustic fall table setting with white dishes, wooden bowls, orange candles, blue pumpkins and wine glasses on a wooden table

Here is another one of my favourite fall table settings…I love the pumpkins, the leaves and the plaid, oh my! See more of this fall table setting here.

Layer wood into your decor.

Chopped wood makes a living room space feel so cozy! I love the look of this stacked wood on my fireplace shelves…the colour, the texture, everything! See more of this fall living room here.

Add cozy blankets and cushions.

And not just indoors! Outdoor spaces can be SO cozy too. I like to add soft blankets and pillows to the chairs on my porch and backyard patio. It’s such a nice way to keep enjoying the outdoors before winter comes!

And of course I have to add pillows and blankets inside too! I love it to feel and be cozy inside my home. Not just look cozy, it has to actually be cozy. With loads of pillows and soft blankets.

Decorate with seasonal fruits + veggies.

Add apples, squash, plums, pears and more! Their colours are fabulous, and the decor is lovely AND practical! I like to fill large bowls and put them on display on my kitchen table and countertop.

fall decorating idea of using fall fruit as decor

Use fresh + faux pumpkins.

I like to layer faux pumpkins of all different textures and colours (wicker, plaster, fabric) in with my fresh pumpkins to create large displays both inside my home and on my porch and patio. I also like that I can reuse my faux pumpkins year after year. Also, think outside the box with fresh pumpkins…look for pretty squash and Cinderella pumpkins, as well as classic orange pumpkins.

Also, I like to use Sugar pumpkins as much as I can in my fall decor, because I can use them later to make pumpkin puree for pies and baking.

Decorate with fall flowers.

I LOVE fall foliage. Creating a fall flower arrangement with end of summer stems and grasses is a simple and pretty way to bring a touch of autumn into your home! Whether you’re using foraged stems or grocery store flowers, creating something beautiful is easy. See more of this fall arrangement here!

Don’t shy away from colour!

Fall isn’t just orange, red and brown! Mix in pops of pink, purple or even blue with your decor. You can do this with pillows, blankets, flowers, candles and more. See more of this colourful fall porch here for ideas!

purple mums as a fall decorating idea

Put a rug on it!

I love to change out my welcome mats on my front porch with each season. There are so many fun ones you can put on display that are inexpensive and have big impact in such a simple way.

fall decorating idea of a fall porch rug

Add twinkly lights!

Doesn’t everything look more cozy and magical with twinkly fairy lights?! I like to add them to my pumpkin displays on my front porch…they’re just so pretty.

fall decorating idea of grey pumpkins and twinkly lights

Bring the outdoors in.

Add natural elements to your fall home…twigs, branches, leaves, grasses, flowers, herbs and more! One of my most favourite natural decorations is this real sedum candle arrangement that my Mom created…it’s so rustic and has fabulous fall vibes! See more of this sedum arrangement here!

Create ambiance with scent.

This may not be decor in the traditional sense, but making a simmer pot for your home creates such a cozy feeling! See how to make this fall simmer pot here.

Make a simple fall arrangement.

If you’ve got a basket or bucket or large vase, fill it with fall grasses or leaves. The bigger the arrangement the better! I have a basket that I keep birch and willow branches in, and as the seasons change I add in seasonal sprigs. Here are a few pretty examples:

basket with fall grasses as a fall decorating idea

Decorate a chalk wall.

If you have a chalk wall, or a space to hang a chalk board, they’re such a great place to create a welcome message for fall! Dig out the chalk and get creative!

chalkboard wall fall decorating idea

Use grasses to make table place card holders.

Simple and natural elements like grasses are a pretty addition to a fall table setting. You can tie together a small arrangement or ‘bouquet’ and add them to each place setting. See more of this table setting and easy project here.

Add candles!

Candles are SO cozy…and fall candles especially with their lovely spicy scents. These candles below are one of my favourites…this is a simple project where I wrapped some candles in sweater cozies. See more about how to make them here.

Now let’s decorate!

There you have it, 15+ Fall Decorating Ideas! Now put on some Fall Tunes (this is a great fall music playlist) and let’s decorate!

For more ideas, make sure to follow my Fall Pinterest Board!

Happy Fall!

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