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Fall Sedum Candle Centrepiece

Make this Fall Sedum Candle Centrepiece in minutes, with just a few simple supplies.  Perfect for a fall or Thanksgiving table setting!

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Last weekend we spent Thanksgiving with my Mom & Dad, and my sister and her family.  I always enjoy heading up to my parents place which is picturesquely situated on a lake in Northern Alberta.  And fall is my favourite time of year to visit, because all the trees are bright with coloured leaves, the kids can play in leaf piles…except this year.  This year we got 10+ cm of snow, which is actually early…I can’t remember a Thanksgiving in recent memory where we had so much snow!  You might have seen my picture on Instagram which is beautiful, but it felt really weird for Thanksgiving.  In fact it felt like we should be playing Christmas carols!

Even though it was snowing outside, it was cozy and all fall indoors.  My mom decorates for the seasons like I do, in fact I decorate my home because it’s what my Mom always did in our home growing up, and I just love it.  Mom had their home all beautifully decorated for Thanksgiving this year.  There were touches of fall everywhere, and so much of it was harvested from her own country yard…dried flowers, herbs and succulents brought in for the winter, it was beautiful.

Fall Sedum Candle Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

My most favourite decoration was the sedum candle centrepiece that my Mom created for the dinner table…I was immediately drawn to it’s random messy beautiful self.  Sedum spilling over the sides, in all different colours and textures.  It was lovely.

Fall Sedum Candle Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

Creating a Fall Sedum Candle Centrepiece

Mom used an old Bundt pan as the container for this centrepiece.  She just replanted sedum from her yard, right into the tin, so it can still grow and flourish.  And because it’s a Bundt pan, the centre is open and perfectly suited for a candle.  Genius.  To display the centrepiece, Mom placed the pan onto a cake plate which elevated it to the perfect height for a dinner table.  If you like, you can also head over to see this arrangement on my Mom’s blog!

Fall Sedum Candle Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

Isn’t it so pretty?  I just love how rustic it looks.  So if you have sedum left from the summer, this is a perfect way to display it for fall.  Simple and lovely.

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