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Fabulous Fall Wreaths!

Make this Fabulous Fall Leaf Wreath with just a few simple supplies that cost less than $20!

Have I ever told you of my love of wreaths?  Of course I have.  Many, many, many times I’m sure.  But I do love them.  I like the feeling they bring because for me they’re the marker that a new season is starting, and it’s my way of saying hello to the holiday or change in season.  And they make me smile when I walk up to our front door!  Wreath making for me also means that I’m feeling happy with where I am at that point in time…I know that sounds weird, but if I’m making a wreath I’m feeling inspired and like Martha says, that’s a good thing.

This year’s fall wreath is the easiest wreath I have ever made in the history of wreath making.  And it’s also my favourite, so I consider that a big win.  Easy and I love it?!  Yes.  And for the record, I mean it when I say this wreath is easy.  I made it in less than 15 minutes.  No, I really did.  I was inspired to make my wreath when I saw a similar one at Crate & Barrel for $60.  I walked up to it and was all like, oh I love this wreath…but omg it’s $60!  What?!  I can make that for less than $20.  So I did.


I ran out to Michaels with my 40% coupon in hand and went to town.  Ok, I just grabbed a grapevine wreath and 5 branches of these silk leaves.  Then I snipped the branches into 8 – 10 inch lengths and tucked them into the grapevine wreath base.  And like a rebel, I didn’t even use a glue gun to secure everything…and I know you’re worrying about the wreath falling apart, but don’t be…the branches stay where they are.  I can attest to the truth of that as I sit outside at the very moment of typing this in very windy conditions.  The wreath is holding together folks.  😉

So here it is…my knock-off wreath that cost me less than $20 to make.  Isn’t it so pretty?!  It’s wild and looks like fire.  Maybe I like it so much because that’s actually how I’m feeling right now…but in a good way.  haha

Fall Wreath {A Pretty Life}

I have it hanging on my front door right now, but for a while I had it hanging in my chalkboard nook, with a fall message I wrote.  I absolutely love the look of this, so I might even make a new wreath for my front door and hang this leafy one back up in the nook!

Fabulous Leafy Fall Leaf Wreath

Come see how this wreath looks on my porch all decorated for fall!

Pretty Fall Porch

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  1. I love the simplicity of this wreath and that is what makes it so fabulous. Sometimes I find beauty comes from the guideline that ‘less is more’. Amazing what you created with just a few inexpensive supplies!

  2. Hi Jo-Anna…these are so cute. Pinning! Would love for you to come link those up with us at Home Matters Linky party today – runs until Sunday!!!