An Easter Table Setting in Robin’s Egg Blue

Setting a beautiful table for Easter doesn’t have to be complicated!  Here is an idea for a pretty Robin’s Egg Blue Easter Table Setting!

I’m getting so excited for Easter now that it’s March and the timing feels right to do some planning!  This year we’re having Easter at home, so I am dreaming up ways to decorate our dinner and brunch table.  Last week I showed you an idea for a Pink & Yellow Easter Table, and today I’m sharing an idea for a Robin’s Egg Blue Easter Table.

An Easter Table Setting in Robin's Egg Blue

Such a pretty spring colour for an Easter Table Setting!

I think this is my favourite Easter table colour scheme…I just love love the colour of Robin’s Egg Blue.  Not only that but Robin eggs are the quintessential sign of spring…I remember checking birds nests on the big gas tanks on my Grandparent’s farm with my Grandpa when we’d visit in the spring.  It was always so amazing to see the teeny tiny Robin eggs…these are such good memories for me, and because of these moments I have a fondness for Robin eggs.  I mean how can you not love a Robin egg?  The colour, the speckles…so pretty.

An Easter Table Setting in Robin's Egg Blue

Make with simple, inexpensive supplies.

This is the easiest table setting to make.  I bought a set of cardboard strawberry baskets in white from Michaels, and filled them up with the decorative Robin eggs, then I added a simple white & grey birch ribbon.  I love how the egg place setting matches so nicely with our dining table chairs, and the new napkins I found at Chapters.  So simple and pretty.

An Easter Table Setting in Robin's Egg Blue

Simple and so pretty.

The whole point of me sharing these table setting ideas is to show you how easy it is to set a beautiful Easter table.  We don’t need to complicate things with elaborate settings.  I know I often feel like I have to go big or go home, then I get overwhelmed at the thought and end up doing nothing, so instead I decided to embrace the simple.  You can shop your own Easter decor stash for ideas, or buy inexpensive embellishments from your local craft store.  It doesn’t take a lot to make a pretty table come together.

An Easter Table Setting in Robin's Egg Blue

Just have fun and enjoy putting together your table, because if you like what you are doing it shows!

A Delicious Easter Dinner Menu

I can’t send you away without sharing some food ideas with you!  So to go with this table setting, here are some delicious Easter dinner ideas…just click on the titles for the recipes.

Easter Menu {A Pretty Life}

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