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Haunted Halloween Mantel

A Haunted Halloween Mantel with flying bats, poisonous potions, candles, pumpkins, skulls and skeletons! All the elements to make your Halloween mantel spooky!

I really enjoy decorating for Halloween!  Ok, let’s just keep it real…I like decorating period.  It’s  fun to celebrate the changing seasons and holidays.  My kids love it, I love it, it’s a family affair!  And this year was no exception, in fact we think this is our most favourite Halloween mantel yet.

Haunted Halloween Mantel

Decorating for Halloween on a Budget.  Dollar Stores are your friend!

It’s becoming easier than ever to decorate with so many stores full of seasonal decorations.  Most of my Halloween decor is from Michaels, but this year I also found quite a few things at Dollarama that were spooky and super affordable.  Things like the bats and skeletons that were all $4 or less…honestly they had great stuff this year, I was super impressed.  The thing is with decorating, especially for Halloween, if you’re open to ideas, just walking through stores will give you loads of inspiration.

Haunted Halloween Mantel

I don’t really know what the theme of my Halloween mantel is, but the first thing I thought was that it looked liked something you might see in a haunted house, so I called it a Haunted Halloween Mantel.

Haunted Halloween Mantel

Complete with skulls, skeletons, bats, candles, potions and spell books!

DIY Halloween Potions

One of my favourite things about this mantel are the potion jars.  I bought these at Michaels and just filled them with water and a few drops of green food colouring. You can really have fun with these and make them any colour you like…red, purple, black, green

Love these potion jars for Halloween decorating!

Haunted Halloween Mantel

Flying Bats for Halloween Decor

I also really love the flying bats.  These bats are just plastic cut-outs that I found at Dollarama, but you could make your own too, using black construction paper.  The key is to make several so they look like they’re all flying out of the fireplace.  It’s such a fun look!

Haunted Halloween Mantel

Then I layered in skeletons, candles and more fun Halloween decor.

I really love the skeletons I found at Dollarama.  This vulture one was only $4!

Haunted Halloween Mantel

When I decorate my mantel I also try to decorate the shelves that surround it.  To these I added pumpkins, and more skeletons.  So cute.

And because I couldn’t stop with my fireplace, I also added a few spooky decorations to the living room.  I especially love this cloche with the skulls.

Love the skulls under the cloche!

Ok, actually this spooky hand candle holder is my favourite find this year.  Isn’t it SO great?  I bought it at Dollarama for $4…I wanted to buy them all!  It’s SO spooky and fun.

Love this candle holder! So spooky!

So there it is, my Haunted Halloween Mantel!  I absolutely love how it turned out.  It was easy to put together and didn’t cost a lot of money.  Now we’re ready for Halloween!  Do you decorate for Halloween too?  Hopefully you leave here feeling inspired to decorate!

Haunted Halloween Mantel

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