Make Earth Day Every Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Here are some simple things we can do to make our world a greener place! We all make a difference.

Here are 10+ Ideas to make Earth Day, every day!  From gardening, to food waste, kitchen waste, recycling and more!

a bouquet of pink hued flowers for Earth Day

Grow a Garden!

Here are some gardening ideas…you don’t need a lot of space to create a beautiful garden!

grow a Garden for Earth Day

Plant a tree for Earth Day.

The world needs more green!

Put up a bird feeder.

Birds bring so much life (and happiness) to your yard!

Ride your bike on Earth Day, instead of driving your car.

It’s good for you, it’s good for the Earth.

Ditch the plastic water bottle and paper coffee cups!  

When you think about how many plastic water bottles and paper coffee cups are used everyday, it’s mind boggling!  Switch them out for glass or metal bottles…it’s such a simple thing to do.

Pack a waste free lunch!

Putting together Zero Waste Lunches for Kids is easy!  With a few simple supplies it’s easy to reduce the waste generated by lunch boxes.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! and Upcycle!

The most simple of all. Reduce waste, reuse what you can, and recycle everything you can.  Don’t forget you can upcycle too…make soap pumps out of mason jars, turn cloth napkins into pillows, make a pillow out of a sweater!

Cut down on food waste in the kitchen.

If you have an abundance of ingredients in your fridge and pantry and don’t want to waste them, here are some Tips and Recipes for Baking to Reduce Food Waste in your kitchen!  Simple, practical and delicious ideas.

Use reusable cups and straws.

There are so many great options now for reusable cups and straws, so it’s easier than ever to ditch these one-time-use items.  This is such an easy thing we can all do!

Ditch paper napkins.

Just think about the waste from every meal when we use paper napkins!  Try using cloth napkins instead.  This is such an easy switch…I just keep a stack of them in an easy-to-access drawer in the kitchen.

Trade plastic for cloth.

There is just no need for us to be using plastic bags for shopping.  Reusable cloth bags are a great option, you can even use mesh bags for produce instead of those flimsy plastic grocery store ones.


If you have a compost program where you live, it’s easy to participate!  You can also make compost in your own yard…there are many great and affordable compost bin options.  Gardens LOVE compost!

Shop Local.

As much as you can shop local.  Not only does this support local businesses, but it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping around the world.  Farmers markets are a great example of shopping local…there’s no better place to get fresh food!

A basket of freshly picked vegetables

Use a rain barrel.

Collect that precious rainwater, flowers and plants LOVE it!  It’s better for the plants, it’s a better use of this resource, and it’s better for your water bill!

Make Dandelion Jelly!

I thought I’d add this in here because making Dandelion Jelly makes me feel very Earth friendly hahaha!  But honestly though, have you ever had Dandelion Jelly? Did you know it was even something you could make? Well know you know that yes, in fact you can!  This simple recipe makes a small batch of sweet Dandelion Jelly that tastes very much like honey.  It’s delicious on toast, biscuits and many baked goods.

a jar of yellow dandelion jelly for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with a fun dessert!

This Worms and Dirt Dessert is a delicious treat that kids of all ages will love!  Made with easy to assemble ingredients, this is a fun Earth Day treat.

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Happy Earth Day!

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