Snippets of Spring

Sharing Snippets of Spring around my home. It’s all about the little moments of beauty, and taking the time you need to decorate your space.

Today I am joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for her Spring Home Tour, and I’m so excited to have you here in my home! If you’re coming over from Heidi’s home at Eleanor Rose Home, welcome! I have been following Heidi for a long time and I am so inspired by her, she has such a lovely way of decorating that I inspire to!

Snippets of Spring.

As part of this tour I am sharing snippets of spring around my home. What exactly does that mean? Well, I thought it would be fun to share the still moments of life when I look around my home. You know that feeling when you glance over to a corner or space in your home and it just looks so pretty? Or you look over and see how lovely a stack of books looks. Or you spy a ray of sunshine spilling over your hardwood floor. Or a bouquet of tulips sitting in the sun looking all gorgeous. These are the moments that get me through this hard part of ‘spring’ and into summer. Look for the little things. Look for the beauty. My hope with this tour is that it might inspire you to add a little bunch of flowers, or look at your home in a new, quiet lovely way. Anyway, come on it, I’m so happy to have you here.

a living room with a white stone fireplace, white couch and wooden table with a bouquet of tulips

We moved!

You might remember my spring home tour from last year, well this years is quite different because we are finally in our new home! I haven’t shared much of it since we moved in in November…I did put together a small holiday home tour that showed a little bit of our home. But I’m finding it so challenging, in a good way, to share our new home. It’s so new…so white and doesn’t really have our style stamped on to it yet. But I love it’s freshness and all the decorating possibilities that lie ahead. I’m just taking it one cabinet, one knick-knack, one feature wall at a time. We plan on living here for years, so we’re going to take our time making it our own, and love it every step of the way. So welcome to my home!

a white living room with a dog laying on the rug

Simple Spring Touches

I kept my spring ‘decorating’ SO SIMPLE this year. Like I barely did anything, but that’s what I wanted. I just added a few touches here and there as I slowly make this home ours. I’m loving pink and different shades of brown right now so I’ve incorporated those colours into my decor through pillows, throws, candles and flowers. But honestly, there’s nothing better than a bouquet of the most gorgeous spring tulips this time of year. If these don’t scream spring I don’t know what does.

a bouquet of pink and orange tulips

Classic Decor For Everyday

I do enjoy decorating and changing things up for each season, but my goal is to try to keep the decorations classic so they can easily move through the different seasons. For example these amber coloured candlesticks made an appearance in my fall decorating, but they’re neutral enough that when paired with soft pink candles and pink candlesticks they’re perfect for spring too! And mixed in with some pink and brown pillows, everything comes together.

a white stone fireplace with a nook filled with wood

A Real Life Still Moment

I snapped this picture of our pup on the couch, just living his best life. This was one of those ‘snippets’ in time that I just loved. It was a regular day, not a day I was taking pictures for my home tour haha. It was just a sun-filled moment that was warm and lovely and I wanted to capture it. It’s imperfect, the carpet needs vacuumed, those gorgeous tulips were done and in the compost, you can see all the new-neighbourhood construction out the back windows. But it’s all lovely, because the moment felt lovely.

Is it ‘real’ spring where you are?

Spring here also means cozy fires in the fireplace, because this is where I tell you that spring is still a loooooong ways off where I live. Currently we have over 2 feet of snow and are under a heavy snowfall warning…did I also mention we have a -31 degree C windchill?! Spring is but a ways away, but if you ask me, roaring fires are the perfect spring decor right now. And the kind of simple pleasure that gets me through our long winters, I get tired of them honestly.

My dog matches my decor.

It’s true hahaha! My kid mentioned the other day that Blu matches our house perfectly, and he really does. Unintentional, of course, but he fits right in. 😉 And because no home tour would be complete without a proper picture of my Blu boy I had to share this adorable pic of him. He’s always in my shadow, always there. Isn’t he so cute in his grannycore bed?! Grannycore? You’ll see what I mean when you scroll down. (also, if I could find a duvet cover in that fabric I’d be first in line to buy it)

A Bright Entryway

Now let’s swing our eyes over to our front entryway. This area is a work in progress. I need a few pieces of furniture here, like a bench and small console table, but finding something that fits, and something I like is going to take time. I don’t want to fill it with just anything, I want to find pieces that are unique and interesting so I’m being patient as I search. But it’s a lovely space as it is…open, bright and so pretty.

a view of an entryway in a new home
a view of an entryway in a new home

Treasure hunting.

One piece that we recently added was this antique cabinet that I found at my friend Merry’s store located here in Alberta. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it…I love the classic shape of it, I love the glass doors, the colour, everything. It fits perfectly here, holding my cookbooks and miscellaneous kitchen pieces.

a wooden cabinet filled with cookbooks
a view of an entryway in a new home

My Kitchen

Now come on over to my kitchen! This is where I spend most of my time…cooking and baking, sharing meals, working on my blog, sitting with family…it’s our happy space. When we built this house we wanted our kitchen to be the anchor of our home, and that’s what it is. I love it.

a bouquet of tulips sits on a white kitchen counter

Simple Spring Touches

I haven’t done much decorating at all in my kitchen because I like this space clean and clutter free, I like to just see the cabinets and clear countertops. Aside from adding fresh flowers, a couple of new springy tea towels, bowls of fresh fruit, and some pretty springy soaps, this space is fresh and open.

a white and grey kitchen

My Pantry

Here’s a little glimpse into my pantry area off of my kitchen. I’m putting together a blog post on this space, with tips for simple pantry organizing. It’s one of my most favourite features in my new kitchen so I can’t wait to share more of it with you later!

a white and grey kitchen area

Here’s another view of my pantry from a different angle, down our long hallway off the back of our kitchen. Every time I walk by and look down this hallway and see this view, it makes me smile. Knowing that hidden behind those cabinets is a messy collection of pantry goods that I’m lucky to have.

a view down a long hallway of a all of white pantry cabinets

Our Eating Nook

I also did some decorating in our eating nook, this space sits just off to the side of our kitchen and living room. This area is bigger than I realized so it needs a few things to make it feel cozy. Again, it’s decorating in progress as I search for the perfect pieces to add to it…

a view of a dining table in a kitchen eating nook

Finding the right piece.

A recent addition in here is this refinished black buffet that I purchased from another local home business, The Curated Attic. Again, as soon as I saw this piece of furniture I knew it would be perfect in my eating area. It’s actually a dresser, but I think it works perfectly as a buffet…I filled it with all the little things that I use for entertaining (napkins, tablecloths, extra candles, table decorations, etc.). I love it so much.

a black banquet table
a view of a dining table in a kitchen eating nook

Multi-Purpose Decor

Last week I set a simple spring table setting for a small family gathering and wanted to share it with you! I like to repurpose decor from room to room, as you can see with all of the candles that were on my fireplace mantel. They look perfect here too!

a dining table set for a meal
an arrangement of candles in candlesticks

I’m going to set a similar table for Easter, but will add in a few fun pieces like bunnies, nests and springy things. I’ll share that table with you later!

a dining table set for a meal
a dining table set for a meal

In My Grannycore Aesthetic Era haha

Let’s head to my bedroom now. Ok, first things first, Grannycore WHAT?! I had to laugh when I saw this term being used to describe a popular decorating style right now. Grannycore just refers to an aesthetic that includes cozy things our Grandmas loved…florals, cottage-y feels, antiques, you get the idea. So when I bought these wild floral bed linens and put our bed together, the style reminded me of Grannycore. I love the combination of the dark florals with the fluffy rust muslin duvets, polka dot pillow cases and frilly white quilt.

a master bedroom with a bed with rust coloured linens

Truthfully, I don’t really know what my style is.

Grannycore, let me tell you, I’m here for it. HERE FOR IT. I absolutely love florals and cozy linens in our bedroom. Truthfully, I’m often torn between different decorating styles, I love the look of clean, clutter-free spaces. BUT I also love the look of ‘the more the merrier’, with florals, different patterns, dark paint (my decorating inspo is Nesting with Grace…I aspire to Grace’s level of cozy. GOALS). So I’m slowly adding more textures/florals to my home, starting in my room.

a bed made up with floral bedsheets and a side table filled with plants and books

I’ve got the grannycore bedding, now I’m debating whether to paint our main bedroom wall dark charcoal, but it feels REALLY hard to paint new walls. Tell me I’ll eventually get over that?!

a bed made up with floral bedsheets

Unintentional, but beautiful, vignettes.

I love this little view of my bed next to my bedside table. Remember when I asked you if you ever had those moments where you look over at a random collection of things in your home and you just love how it makes you feel? This is one of those spaces for me. I did nothing intentional here at all. In fact, a lot of this was just where I planted things as soon as we moved in. Then I started to add more books and ended up really really loving how it looked. I actually want to create more spaces like this around my home, but those too take time, time to collect and find just the right pieces.

a bed made up with floral bedsheets and a side table filled with plants and books
a view of a side table filled with plants and books

This is where I’ll end things off, and share this picture of Blu as he stares forlornly at my bedroom door as I vacuum for this home tour haha. He’s so cute. Thank you for coming along on my little home tour, I always feel so honoured to have people come to my space. Happy spring, friends. xo

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Have an inspired day!

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  1. Jo-Anna, I love all your spring touches, but my favorite ‘must have’ is that adorable pooch! Soooooo adorable!

  2. Your home is looking beautiful! The cozy living room is my fav! The fire just makes it so warm and welcoming! Your dog has my heart!! Really…i’ve remembered seeing him from other posts and he’s just so sweet. May I ask what breed he is? Looking forward to your Easter post!!