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Free Printable Easter Menu

A FREE Easter Menu Printable, with a digital image file with CLICKABLE recipe links!  Print it or click from it for all your Easter Dinner Menu ideas.

When I’m planning a big holiday dinner, whether it be Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter, I like to plan the menu well ahead of time.  And often because holidays are all about tradition, I tend to go back to the same list of recipes holiday after holiday, most, if not all, of which I’ve shared over here on my blog.  The nice thing about having a blog is that I can put all of those recipes and ideas into one easy to access place…for me and YOU!  That’s exactly what I’ve done for Easter!  I put all of my Easter recipes into one blog post here, but I also made things even easier for you and created a printable and clickable menu so you access all my favourite Easter recipes with ease!

How to Access Your Free Easter Menu

  1. Print It.  If you want to print your menu, just drag either menu image to your desktop and print it off at home.  Then circle the recipes you want to make and use the sheet for your grocery shopping list!
  2. Click on the link or menu image below to download the digital file image to your computer or phone, then you can click the recipe links which will take you to the recipe on my blog!  So easy.  DOWNLOAD THE PRINTABLE AND CLICKABLE EASTER DINNER MENU HERE

Easter Menu Ideas Printable

Read more about my collection of Easter Recipes

If you’d like to see images of the recipes in this Easter Menu, just CLICK HERE to read my full menu blog post!

You will find mouthwatering Easter dishes like this recipe for baked ham, and these recipes for Simple Scalloped Potatoes, and our favourite Pea Salad!  Also don’t miss these delicious Devilled Eggs or my recipe for Easter Panettone.  And don’t forget dessert…Carrot Cake Cupcakes are perfect for Easter, and these Peanut Butter Confetti Squares are amazing!

Easter Dinner Menu Ideas

Have a delicious day!

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