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My Fall Mantel

It’s fall y’all!  (I think I say this every year in at least one of my fall posts…it’s just so fun to say!)  Anyway, it really is fall around here…we’ve got the snow to prove it.  Yep.  Snow.  But the only good thing about it, is that I took the opportunity of being snowed in to decorate my mantel for fall.  This year it really felt like summer was over so it inspired me to take down summer and put up some fall decor.  Fall decor is my most favourite of all…it’s just so cozy and I adore the colours…oranges, reds, browns, yellows.  Love it all.

The only problem with fall decorating in September is that there are no pumpkins around and I really like to use pumpkins and gourds in my fall decor.  So I actually create 2 mantels…one for early fall and one for late fall.  I don’t fuss, I just add things as I find them.  So for right now my mantel is very simple but it’s just the way I like it.  Actually I love it, but I couldn’t quite portray it in pictures the way it actually looks – it looks so great in person.  So cozy and clean at the same time!


Here’s a look from it’s best angle…I kind of see my mantel inclusive of the shelves on either side of it – the whole wall with fall decor is the focus, not just the fireplace.  It’s a really fun space to decorate.


I especially love this basket of twigs, leaves and birch.  It provides just the right pop of colour!


So pretty!


I kept my actual mantel very simple this year.  Just a couple of pumpkins and squash, a few sprigs of fall leaves in my thrifted glass vases, and a simple grapevine wreath on my old window pane.


I also added some pretty lanterns that look so nice lit up at night.  I love how they tie in the black elements of my fireplace screen.


So here’s a look of everything from the front.  Just simple and pretty I think.


I also like to add some fall decor to other areas of my living room, especially my coffee table.  This table is so fun the decorate for the seasons.  This year I added fall leaves, some driftwood from our summer holiday, rocks we’ve collected over the years and some of my Instagram pictures.


I am loving my Instagram pictures!  I had a whole bunch of them printed out and I love to look at them not just through a phone screen…I had forgotten how nice it is to have printed pictures…it’s become a lost art hasn’t it?  For this fall living room I put in some of my Instagram pics from last fall…so fun!


I also brought in a couple of my plants before they succumbed to the weather!  I just couldn’t bear to let this succulent pot die…and I think it fits in nicely with all the decor.  Let’s just hope I can keep it alive over the winter!

So that’s my simple early fall mantel.  It felt really nice just to take some time and put together something pretty for the season.  We’ve been so busy and a lot of what I used to love to do, I haven’t found the time to do anymore.  So when I had a moment it felt good to make my home feel nice and cozy.  One of the things I try to remind myself of is that it’s good to keep things easy…you don’t have to shop and buy a bunch of new things every year…have a look around your home and you might be surprised what you already have to work with.  For this mantel I actually only spent about $25…the rest I had already.

Do you decorate for fall?

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For more inspiration, go have a look at the gorgeous fall mantel my friend Virgina of Fynes Designs put together!  Here’s a sneak peek of hers:


For even more fall mantel inspiration, here are the links to my previous years!


Happy decorating!  Have an inspiring day!Signature

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  1. HOW DID YOU MAKE YOUR MANTLE?? I’ve been wanting to make one for my own house but could never find a look I like! This is perfect! Also your decor is beautiful and love the simplicity! Can’t wait to decorate for fall!

  2. Your mantel looks beautiful! I really like that stone. It’s amazing to me that y’all have had snow already. It was 94 today when I was out working on my fall porch. Ugh.

  3. I LOVE your fireplace!!! Can you tell me the manufacturer of the stone as well as the variety and color? Thanks!!!

    1. Thank you Kelly!

      Our home builder made the fireplace (we’re actually the second set of home owners so I don’t know much about it). I’m not 100% sure what the stone is, but it appears to be a man-made moulded limestone of some sort. It’s not real stone, but it sure looks like it! I’m sure if you mentioned that to a builder/fireplace expert they would know exactly what direction to point you.

      Sorry I couldn’t be much more of a help!

  4. I love your mantel, but can’t quite find anything like it. Whenever I start looking for mantel pictures- I get one of your creatively decorated ones!! 🙂 Any insight as to where your mantel came from?

  5. I love, love, love the stone on your fireplace and have been searching high and low for a stone this color. I found your blog on Pinterest specifically searching for this kind of stone fireplace. I see someone else already asked about the manufacturer and color of stone and you don’t know– is there a way I can find out? Who is your home builder? It’s so beautiful!