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Simple Christmas Porch Arrangements

Make these Simple Christmas Porch Arrangements for your home this holiday season. They’re so easy to put together and look so nice!

Well, I have a few minutes this morning, hubby is in the kitchen making pancakes and entertaining the baby. So I poured a delish cup of Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee, and am sitting down to do my new favourite thing, blog.

I am in the Christmas mode now, and there is no stopping me! This -21 degrees C is making everything feel so cozy and nice. It’s amazing how fast our weather changes here – it’s so cliche, but true. To think, last Sunday I was out on our front step, hot in a tank top, putting these Christmas urns together! And now they are covered in a layer of snow!

How to make these Christmas arrangements:

Moving these pots from our lonely backyard for my fall urns, was such a great idea – now they provide me with such inspiration for holiday decorating, and add much needed festivity to our front step. They were so easy and inexpensive to make. I used lights and greenery I already had, and hit WalMart for the ornaments and fillers. Here’s how I put them together:

  • Get 2 large plant pots, any size you have will do.
  • I didn’t even dump out the dirt from my flowers, I just laid a sheet of burlap over it, then placed down some faux evergreen garlands to fill the top.
  • Then I arranged some shatterproof ornaments on the top, then filled the spaces with some holiday sprigs and a strand of LED lights.
  • Once I was done that I wrapped a wide ribbon around the top of the pot and added a bow.
  • That’s it! So easy and pretty.

Ornament tip!

Over the last few Christmas seasons I have become obsessed with faux glass balls for decorating inside and outside of our home. They’re actually plastic and are shatterproof which is a must in our crazy household. These balls bounce across our floor regularly! I’ve got them on our banisters, mantel, tree, wreaths, the trees outside and now in my urns. But they are so pretty, so colourful and festive!

I challenge you to get decorating, and let me know what kind of neat ideas you have!

Happy decorating, and stay warm this weekend!


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  1. Jo, your front step is so beautiful! Everything matches so perfectly, I love the big ribbon! Too bad I can’t take advantage of that Starbucks offer – maybe next time.

  2. Hi Jo-Anna, I just found your blog and I am thrilled. I was looking for Christmas Planter ideas & came across your’s. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see what you do this year. Cheers!

  3. Hi! I love these urns. A couple questions about them though. Is the whole urn filled with garland or is there something on the bottom? Also, are these under an over hang or do you think they can hold up through outdoor elements. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Is there anyway you could give your paint color ( and brand ) for your front door, darker gray area around the door, and paint for the lighter stucco on front porch. We are about to paint and absolutely love your colors.