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15+ Christmas Decorating Ideas

I love decorating for Christmas! It is my absolute favourite theme for decorations. We all know about putting a Christmas-y wreath on our front doors, but there are so many other little festive touches you can add that you might not have thought of yet. In this roundup post, I’m sharing all my tips for a cozy and decorated home this Christmas, with some outside-the-box ideas!

15+ Christmas Decorating Ideas

So many easy and festive ideas to decorate your home this holiday season! From Christmas tree decor, Christmas in the kitchen, outdoor decorating, table settings, mantel decor, cozy holiday bedrooms, wreaths and more!

Put a tree up in the kitchen

This first one might seem funny to you, but hear me out! Your kitchen is the true gathering place in your home, if it’s anything like mine. Think about how often everyone has crammed into the kitchen (no matter how big or small) to chat while a meal is being checked on, dishes are being washed, or wine is being splashed into glasses while people laugh and visit. You will also spend a lot of time there yourself, I assume, baking and cooking and getting ready for the season! So why not make it festive? Consider putting up a small tree in your breakfast nook, next to a window, or even put a tiny one on your counter out of the way. Decorate it with simple lights and natural, easy elements like dried oranges, candy canes, popcorn and cranberry strands, and twinkle lights. That way it won’t overwhelm your space, and you can smile and think of Christmas every time you look at it.

Christmas decorating with a small tree in a breakfast nook.

Set a festive table

None of you will be surprised to learn that food and the table are the centre of the Christmas celebrations in my home. One of the easiest ways to decorate for a gathering is to make your table look festive and bright. Something I’m really trying to remember about Christmas and decor is that simple is often best. Simple looks so nice and peaceful and it’s easy to do, and therefore more likely to happen.

Whether you’re looking for a simple yet beautiful centrepiece for your table, instructions for how to make gorgeous table settings that will cost almost nothing in money and time, or an idea for sweet little natural embellishments for beside each guest’s plate, I’ve got you covered.

Christmas decorating on a dining room table with simple napkins, dried oranges, cinnamon sticks and greenery.

Drape garlands on staircases

If you’ve ever taken yourself on any of the online home tours of my house all decorated for Christmas, you will not be shocked to learn that I love Christmas greenery. I think it’s a gorgeous classic Christmas element, and I love incorporating it and plaid everywhere I can. Plaid and green, everywhere. For adding greenery inside, I cannot recommend a staircase garland strongly enough! I like to start with a faux garland as the base and add real greenery and other embellishments to it to create something unique and beautiful. You can get all the details (and more plaid) here!

Add fresh greenery to your mantel

Another great way to incorporate fresh or faux greenery into your holiday decor this year is to use it on your mantel! I love using simple, real, and natural elements in my home for a feeling of peace and calm over the holidays. The gorgeous scent of fresh cedar that wafts around the room as the cedar boughs sit in the place of honour over the fireplace is almost too Christmas-y to handle.

Christmas decorating with fresh greenery, dried oranges, plaid bows and twinkle lights on a fireplace mantel.

Make it cozy with pillows and blankets

Have I mentioned that I love plaid? I also love making my home feel cozy and comfortable for my family and guests. I have found my favourite way to do that is with plaid blankets and throw pillows! This is such an easy way to add a little Christmas cheer and comfort. These items are good for winter decor for the entire season which means less taking things out and putting things away, which I also love.

You can use any kind of wintery or Christmas themed pillows to make any room feel more festive. Try putting them in the dining room, the family room, and even the bedroom to bring holiday cheer to every space in your house. This is a philosophy I follow in my own house, and it shows!

Create a Christmas village

Few things are more Christmas-y than a sweet little Christmas village, don’t you agree? I love a collection of little houses and trees all lit up with lights. There’s something about the miniature festivities that really gets to me! You can set up your village on your mantel like I did. Or use it as a centerpiece on a large table, or as a little vignette on a sideboard, counter, or coffee table. It is truly a versatile and simple way to decorate for Christmas!

Christmas decorating with tiny wooden and ceramic villages on a mantel

Decorate with Santa mugs

Sometimes the perfect decor items are things we already own but just don’t think about. I bet you’ve got at least one Santa mug in the back of your cupboard right now. If you don’t, the dollar store has plenty! I’ve been using Santa mugs to decorate shelves, tables, and sideboards for Christmas, and I just love the simple red and white pop they bring to my kitchen.

Santa mugs of different sizes are used for Christmas decorating

It’s the little things

Don’t ever forget that bigger is not always better when it comes to decor, including at Christmas time! To avoid a lot of clutter and a feeling of just-too-much, try decorating with little festive touches this year. For example, I am in love with cloches and everything they can do. These are not only for covering cakes and cookies! Try putting a little Christmas scene in one of them to sit on your coffee table.

Do you have a glass canister with just a bit of flour left in the bottom? Try putting a deer and bottle brush tree inside for a pretty little snowy scene. Christmas trees can be beautiful when decorated simply with items like dried oranges, popcorn strings, and twinkle lights, and yarn garland makes for a simple and beautiful touch. And, little mini-trees don’t have to be decorated at all to look green and festive and cheery! Try to think small this Christmas for a calm and peaceful result.

Hang mini wreaths on dining chairs

There are so many possibilities for Christmas decorations in every room of the house! If we could focus on the kitchen for just a moment, I want to share a brilliant idea. I made some sweet little mini wreaths and decided to use them in an unconventional way that is just too cute: I hung them on the backs of my chairs for a festive touch. This would be perfect for your breakfast nook or even your formal dining room during Christmas dinner! I love this idea because it adds a lot of Christmas cheer without cluttering up a single surface in my kitchen or on my tables, which is prime real estate at this time of year.

Make a cozy bed

Why don’t we usually think to decorate the bedroom for Christmas? Maybe it’s because we think of holiday decor as something we do for other people. Why not do it for ourselves? I spend a lot of time in my bedroom around Christmas, hiding and decorating gifts and, let’s be honest, hiding from the holiday chaos. I wanted to make my space a retreat where I could look around and celebrate the season properly while I was doing all those things. It is amazing what some festive and wintery new bedding, throw pillows, and garland can do! Have fun with this and decorate your space just for you.

Put DIY snow globes on display

I love simple, festive decor that is easy to put together and cute as anything. If you have a space that is just missing a little something, try a homemade DIY snow globe! You could even do a whole collection of them if it’s a large-ish space. These check all the boxes for cute, easy, and fun holiday decor. Who doesn’t love a combination of mason jar, faux snow, bottle brush trees, and sweet little deer? Or, do what you like! Any little ornament would look great in there. Add twinkle lights and you’re all set for the cutest little vignette.

Decorating for Christmas with mason jars turned into snow globes.

Light candles

Here in Canada our winters are dark. Like, barely any sunlight during the day dark. By the time Christmas rolls around, we are in the middle of the darkest part of the year. But never fear! Candles shine out in the darkness, and create a feeling of warmth, safety, and coziness that is perfect for the holiday season. Candles are perfect for decorating your holiday table as well! I made this sweet little candle holder out of a mason jar, some water, faux cranberries, and a floating tea light, and its perfect for your Christmas table.

Let’s Decorate Outdoors!

Add lights and fresh greens to your porch

For a traditional look on your front porch this year, you can’t go wrong with fresh greenery and white twinkle lights! The beauty of decorating with fresh boughs outside in a Canadian winter is that they will last the entire season looking fresh and lovely. Try mixing up different kinds of evergreen boughs (blue spruce and cedar will give different looks and textures), and create garland for your porch railings or to go down the steps. Use your creativity!

Put mini trees on display

I love decorating with miniature trees at Christmas time. Whether inside or out, this classic look is so festive and I just love it. On your porch, a simple tiny evergreen tree with twinkle lights is very cheery and welcoming to anyone who comes to your door. You can also go with a flocked tree for a totally different but also beautiful look this season. A front porch with steps lined with trees is a very festive and memorable sight!

Make a Wreath

I LOVE a good wreath and that is hardly a secret. Whether it’s a giant traditional-looking wreath perfect as a statement piece for your front door, or some kind of themed ornament wreath to hang on your door or mantel, I’ve got you covered. I think what I love most about wreaths is how easy it is to customize and personalize them to add a touch of your own personality! Use a base of faux greenery as an anchor, and then add real greenery and the embellishments of your choice until it feels done and ready to display.

A large wreath for Christmas decorating

Switch out your welcome mat!

Not much to say about this tip except I think it is brilliant! What better way to decorate without adding clutter than to simply switch out your regular doormat for a festive one? You can buy these at Canadian Tire or the dollar store. You can also buy a fancy one online from your favourite homemade gifts maker, or get creative and make your own! A great way to welcome people to your home in a Christmas-y way.

Make a swag

You guys know I like a good wreath, but sometimes it’s good to switch things up! A Christmas swag is a gorgeous addition to your outdoor porch decor, and so easy to make. If you have 15 minutes and all the supplies on hand, you can make this swag. And like any other Christmas craft, the fun thing is you can switch up any of the elements for something you like better and make it your own.

Add some cheer to the outdoors

Don’t stop the outdoor decorating with your front porch! Keep going into your other outdoor spaces too. Adding twinkle lights, greenery, and even cozy winter (yes, more plaid) blankets to your year-round outdoor furniture will create a lovely place to sit around the fire pit with a hot drink and visit on those milder winter days. And wouldn’t that beautiful swag you just created look great hung on a fence post or two?

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas decorating ideas, and feel inspired to make your home festive for the holiday season!

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15+ Christmas decorating ideas
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Happy Holidays!

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