How to Make a Christmas Swag

Learn How to Make a Christmas Swag in just 15 minutes, with fresh evergreen sprigs and seasonal accents! A perfect way to greet guests this holiday season.

I love making wreaths for the holiday season. Over the years I’ve made many different wreaths…yarn wreaths, fresh evergreen wreaths and ornament wreaths. But this year I decided to try something different and made a Christmas swag wreath. Swags are an elegant and easy-to-make Christmas decoration. Learn how in this simple tutorial!

Supplies for a DIY Christmas Swag

  • Greenery Clippings: I used 2 large fir branches, 2 large pine, and 4 large cedar branches. But you can build your swag with any evergreen branches that you like. Swags are very versatile.
  • Ribbon: Choose a wide ribbon that matches your home decor. Make it long enough to run the length of your swag with a bow.
  • Embellishments: metal bells, dried oranges and pinecones. You can add any decorations that you like…things like sprigs of red berries, juniper, boxwood, holly, ornaments, floral stems, etc.
  • Tools: tin snips and floral wire

How to Make a Christmas Swag

Putting together a swag is so easy, I promise! If you’ve got 15 minutes, you can do it!

  • First start by laying out the base of your swag. I laid mine out on my kitchen table to assemble it. For my swag, I started with 2 large branches of fir, kind of staggering them side by side. Secure them together at the top using a piece of floral wire.
  • Then add 2 cedar branches over the fir. Secure all of the branches together at the top using floral wire. TIP: fan the branches out so the swag widens out.
  • Add 2 pine branches, then secure again with more floral wire.
  • At this point, if the swag doesn’t look full enough, feel free to add more evergreen sprigs of your choice. I like to use cedar to fill in any gaps. Just don’t forget to secure them with floral wire.
  • Remember to fan out the branches to give that classic swag shape.
  • If you feel like the swag needs extra reinforcement, tie some extra floral wire around the branches in the middle of the swag.
  • Now create a way to hang your swag. Once your branches are all tied together, use some extra floral wire and create a loop a the top of your swag that can be used to hang the swag from hooks or wreath hanger.  I just made a loop and tied a knot in it.
  • Now it’s time to decorate! I start by tying the ribbon to the top of the swag. You can make a bow at the top if you like.
  • Then add what ever decorations you like. I hung a red metal bell, added a couple of pinecones and tied on some dried oranges. (if you want to make dried orange slice, you can read my how-to post here)

This swag smells amazing!

If you use fresh greens, your swag will smell like Christmas! So festive and gorgeous.

Where to hang a Christmas Swag

Swags look so pretty hung on the front door, on gates, walls, indoor doors, mailboxes and even your staircase…a perfect addition to your Christmas decor. To hang your swag from different surfaces, you can use a command strip hook or use a wreath hanger to hang them from a door. As I mentioned above, I add extra floral wire tied in a loop at the top of the swag for hanging.

Now enjoy your beautiful Christmas door swag!

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Happy Holidays!

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