Hooray For Spray Paint!

As you know I have this thing with Christmas ornament balls, and I have them everywhere, even outside!  The blue ones I had from last year, all faded in the sun, and I was about to throw them out (gasp!), but then the eco-chick in me screamed No!  There’s got to be something I can do!  Alas, there was a solution – spray paint!  I bought a can from our friendly neighborhood HomeDepot, and spent, honestly, 15 minutes spraying them silver.  Voila! Sparkling new ornaments!  (I’m now finding myself looking at everything to see if it needs a nice new coat of spray paint!  The instant beautification is addictive!)

What you need:
Old ornaments

Spray paint 
Make sure you buy the right kind of paint, depending on if you are putting them outside or inside.  Since mine are going to be hanging outside in the elements, I used Krylon:  Fusion Outdoor for plastic.
What to do:
You don’t have to prime them – just go right to painting
Lay your ornaments out onto a dropcloth, in a well ventilated area
Spray away!  (hold the can about 8-10 inches away from your target, to prevent dripping)
You may need to spray twice (I found that I didn’t need to)
Have fun!


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