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Wintery Red and Silver Front Porch

A Wintery Red & Silver Front Porch. A traditional colour scheme using red, silver and green…and the best accessory of all, fresh snow!

Welcome to winter at my home!  And let me tell you…it’s winter here.  We’ve already had blizzards and -40 degree C windchills and there is no sign of it stopping!  I don’t have to cross my fingers for a white Christmas, because we’re definitely going to have it – it’s pretty much been snowing since December 1!  I love it because it’s so cozy and feels so Christmas-y, which has me decorating like a mad woman!

One of the first places I like to start my seasonal decorating is on our porch.  We welcome in the seasons by welcoming in our guests first!  This year I went with a traditional colour scheme, using red, silver and green and I love love it!  Last year and the year before I also used these colours, but I’ve changed things slightly this year.  Not a lot, but just enough that it’s fresh and festive…my belief is why change what works, right?

So come, have a little peek at my Wintery Red & Silver Front Porch!

Red and Silver Christmas Porch

Now this my friends, is winter in Canada!  On this particular day we were under blizzard warnings.  Not just heavy snowfall, but a full on blizzard…it was beautiful and so very snowy!  I loved that I was able to capture the blowing snow on camera for you to see!  Isn’t it beautiful and Christmas-y?!

Red and Silver Christmas Porch

I knew this snowy weather was coming, so the day before I rushed to get everything all decorated so I could capture pictures of everything covered in snow…isn’t it pretty?!

Red and Silver Christmas Porch

I really love how the garland turned out on my porch railings this year.  I wrapped them in evergreen garland, then sparkly mesh ribbon and finished off with a big red bow.  With the snow, these are winter perfection!  So perfectly Christmas-y!

Red and Silver Christmas Porch

Then above the railings I hung ornaments again, but this year I opted for much bigger ones, and strung them up with some pretty red & white grosgrain ribbon.

Red and Silver Christmas Porch

I love how these ornaments look hanging here.  They’re the just the right addition to my porch!

Red and Silver Christmas Porch

In keeping with an ornament theme, I filled up my Canadian Butter Box with red & silver ornaments.  It’s just a really simple way to add colour and festive decor to my porch.  I love switching this box up for the seasons (you may recognize it from my fall porch).

Red and Silver Christmas Porch

Just simple and pretty.  I love the pops of red!

Red and Silver Christmas Porch

This year I placed 2 evergreen planters on each side of my garage.  I found some very affordable fresh evergreen planters at our local grocery store, so I grabbed two and dressed them up with some red ribbon and sparkly red twigs.  Then I added a few more evergreen branches to fill them out and now they’re just the way I wanted them.  One great thing about the cold weather we’ve been having is that everything is frozen so the greens stay green!

Fresh Evergreen Wreath Tutorial

With the addition of my fresh evergreen wreath, my porch is festively complete!

Wintery Red and Silver Front Porch

I really love how it all came together…the red & green are my favourite seasonal colours which is funny because once you step inside my home, all my Christmas colours are completely different.  But that’s ok… 🙂

Thank you for stopping in today to see my wintery porch! Have an inspired day!

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  1. Lovely as always Jo-Anna. I made your Mom’s Melt In Your Mouth Sugar Cookies yesterday, and yes you were true to your word, they are wonderful. We are getting a very large dump of snow here on the Bruce Peninsula at the moment.

  2. I love it, Jo-Anna! Our snow was just a bit of a blip. About a centimeter, and then it froze. Not nearly as charming as your frosty front entrance.

    And I’m SO jealous of your butter crate. Where is that from?

    1. Thank you Tara! We’ve had so much snow I can’t even believe it…way more than we’ve had for the last few years at this time! Love it! And isn’t that crate so great?! I bought it at a local garage sale for $3!!! Score!

  3. What a lovely Winter Wonderland!! Hello from Texas!! Cold for us, 43 degrees, but no snow :(.
    Thanks for sharing yours! P.S. I want a Canadian Butter Box!!!