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My Festive Front Porch

Put together a Festive Front Porch for the holiday season!

This weekend I put together our Christmas porch, so now the last of my holiday decorating is complete!  I’m loving how everything came together out here this year! The colour scheme is different than what’s going on inside, but that doesn’t really matter does it?! The theme is similar enough with the evergreen garlands, loads of ball ornaments and an ornament wreath. Pretty.  Festive.  Fun!

 Welcome to my home, won’t you come in!

My Festive Front Porch

Love, love the snow! I totally lucked out with this snow shot! The day after I put together this porch it snowed, and added the perfect finishing touch to my step!

My Festive Front Porch

My neighbour (hi Paula!) hung ornaments similar to these on her front porch, and I LOVED the effect! So I copied her.  Yes, shamelessly I did.  But aren’t they so pretty?!

My Festive Front Porch

My Festive Front Porch

I love evergreen garland and how it captures snowfall! And at night it looks gorgeous too, all lit up with red & green lights!

My Festive Front Porch

My Yarn Ball and Ornament Wreath ties everything together out here!

My Festive Front Porch

Like last year, I used my big flower pots as a base, and filled them with evergreen garland, huge ornaments, sparkly twigs and white lights!  A package full of sparkle! They look very pretty all lit up at night too!

My Festive Front Porch

That’s it! Thanks for stopping by my home, and for having me in yours!

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  1. Hi Jo-Anna! Your porch looks fantastic! And yes, that snow really tops it all off very nicely :). I love your wreath – great job! The planters look so festive too and I really like how you wrapped them. I also love your banister greenery. So festive!

  2. I love the Christmas balls hung on the porch at different levels, so cute! Everything looks so festive, I can tell you worked hard to achieve such a wonderful outcome! I especially love the photo of the snow covered tree out the window – lovely!

  3. Very nice, Jo-Anna. It looks lovely. Was the snow in that pic from the big dump we got on Sunday? It drifted into front on our garage door and was about a foot deep. I still need to get my tiny porch decorated. Maybe tomorrow when it’s a bit warmer. : )

    ~ Catie

  4. Isn’t it said that “Imitation is the best form of flattery” ? Your blog and decorating tips was the inspiration to this year Bildfell Hanging Xmas Balls! =] Neighbor Paula

  5. Isn’t it said that “Imitation is the best form of flattery” ? Your blog and decorating tips was the inspiration to this year Bildfell Hanging Xmas Balls! =] Neighbor Paula

  6. So pretty and very inviting! Love the yarn balls mixed in with the shiny ones in the wreath! The planters are great too! I should totally do this! (and I just said a couple hours of go, “I think we’re finally done decorating!”) PLEASE send some of that snow to Kansas! We’ve only had a dusting so far!

  7. I love every.single.thing about this porch! The wrapped up planters are so fabulous and the ornaments hanging down are a really wonderful touch. Thank you so much for sharing all of this gorgeousness at the Doors and Porches party!

  8. GORGEOUS!!! I looove the colors and the snow is a perfect touch 🙂 The yarn ball/ornament wreath is really unique. I’m not especially crafty, but that’s going on my ‘must make’ list for next Christmas season.

    By the way, I found you through Tip Junkie’s Tip Me Tuesday and am a new follower!

  9. Props to your neighbor FOR SURE! Your home is gorgeous! I love every touch!!!

    Thanks for linking up to my party!
    XO, Aimee from ItsOverflowing.com

  10. Your house is one of those houses i’d screech on my brakes to stop and look at! Beautiful! I love love love that wreath, and your porch pots!! LOVELY!!!

  11. Oh, your porch IS sooooo festive and lovely (LOVE the ornament wreath!).

    I’m hosting the Christmas Tree theme of a Blogging Around the Christmas Tree linky party, and would love to have you stop by and share your tree!

    Oh, and I’m your newest follower!


    ~Abbie (www.fivedaysfiveways.com)

  12. Jo-Ann – Your pots are absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to make them with mind. Only….I have round ones…will the ribbon work as well?

  13. Hi, Jo-Anna! I just found your blog via Pinterest and I love your ideas! Question for you…if you can remember, where did you find those adorable lights (the green and red ones in the garland and the white ones in the pots)? Thanks!!

  14. Hi Jo-anna…I LOVE what you have done with the big flower pots. I am hoping to do the same with mine. Can you tell me where you got the pretty sticks? Also what did you use to secure them in the pot? Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing!