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DIY Fresh Evergreen Wreath

With just a few simple supplies and a little time it’s easy to make your own fresh evergreen wreath!

Hello friends!  I’m so happy that you are here!  I am in such a great holiday mood and I want to share it!  Over the next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas I’ve got a tonne of holiday inspiration coming to the blog.  I can’t wait to get started!

First up, I made a wreath!  Here’s a little background on this project…I teamed up with a group of 14 other amazing Canadian bloggers to bring you 15 different wreath ideas.  We each have a post up today, so make sure to check out their wreaths too!  You can find all the links at the bottom of this post…there are some gorgeous wreaths!

I really love wreaths, and how welcoming they are.  Especially Christmas wreaths!  There are so many great ideas for wreaths, sometimes it’s hard to pick a theme!  But this year I knew I wanted a big, rustic, fresh evergreen wreath filled with pretty holiday ribbon.  So I made one.

Fresh Evergreen Wreath Tutorial

I know you can buy evergreen wreaths easily enough, but I wanted to try to make one myself.  Mostly because I wanted to see if it would be easy to put together, but also because I had a specific look in mind.  Rustic.  I wanted my wreath to look fluffy, and full and rustic.  And I think I achieved that.

Fresh Evergreen Wreath Tutorial {A Pretty Life}

It kind of reminds me of something you’d see hanging on a chalet in the mountains during the winter.  I especially love all the ribbon woven through and trailing down.  So pretty!  And another great thing about this wreath?  It cost me less than $20 for the whole thing.  Yep.

So if you have ever thought of making your own fresh evergreen wreath, maybe this is the year you’ll do it?  This is an easy project…a bit tedious and time consuming, but simple enough.  And once you have it put together you can embellish it however you like!  Add ornaments, berries, twigs, ribbon, lights…the possibilities are endless!  Anyhow, here’s how I made my wreath:

Fresh Evergreen Wreath Tutorial

What you need to Make a Fresh Evergreen Wreath:

  • 1 wire box wreath frame (I used a 16″ one).  Find them at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Walmart.
  • Tin snips
  • Wire
  • Fresh evergreens
  • Ribbon (I used red & white 3/8 inch and 1.5 inch Grosgrain ribbon from May Arts Ribbon)

Fresh Evergreen Wreath Tutorial

How To Make a Fresh Evergreen Wreath:

  • Cut the evergreens into the length you would like.  The longer the branches the more rustic your wreath will be.  The shorter the branches, the more tidy your wreath will be.  Either is gorgeous!
  • Gather 3 or 4 of the branches into a bunch and wrap the bottoms of the stems together with the wire.  (See picture on the left.)
  • Wrap the bunches onto the wire frame with the wire.  (See picture on the right.)
  • Repeat until the box frame is full.
  • Embellish!  I weaved through the 2 types of ribbon around the entire wreath then made the bow.

Notes & Tips From the Trenches!

  • This wreath is easy to make, but it will take some time and a lot of patience.  I muttered a few while making it, but in the end I really like it, and felt satisfied knowing I made it myself!
  • You can find fresh evergreens at your local grocery or hardware stores (I got mine at Superstore for less than $20), or at greenhouses, or get out in your yard and prune your evergreen trees!  Just don’t take your neighbours without asking!  😉
  • After much of your wreath is complete, hang it up and stand back to look at it.  You will see that you will likely need to tuck in and add more branches to fill in spaces.  Just add more until your wreath is as full as you would like.
  • Embellish your wreath to your tastes!  Use ribbon, ornaments, berries, twigs, lights…the possibilities are endless!
  • Fresh wreaths are best kept outdoors in the cold.  Inside or in warm temperatures the wreath will dry out and the needles will fall off.

That’s it.  Now sit back and enjoy.  Grab an eggnog and light the fire!  I love this time of year!

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You’re bound to be inspired!

You can also follow this fun wreath hop on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #wreathhop!

Have an inspired day!

P.S.  (A big thank you to Tara at Suburble for organizing this!  And to Virginia at Fynes Designs for co-ordinating the ribbon orders from May Arts Ribbon for the ribbon!  This has been such a great event!

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