Good Times in the Grocery Store…

My attempt at bribery!  It lasted for about 5 minutes while he sucked on the left eye – look closely!  (so I had to buy it!)  Ha ha!  Then he proceeded to throw it across the aisle.  Good times, good times…
Well, this is not a craft or food post per se, but it does involve the grocery store. Shopping with a 15 month old in the grocery store.  Today, we were THAT kid. The one you can hear screaming from the other side of the store.  While I did get quite a few ‘control your kid’ looks, and a couple of ‘kids don’t like shopping’ comments (as if I didn’t know this already, but what’s a gal supposed to do when the house has no food?).  Surprisingly though, most people today were very kind. Strangers even playing peek-a-boo with him through the shelves.  I left the store semi humiliated, and as per usual, in a sweat and tizzy.  But I did have my groceries.  😉

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