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Halloween In Our Home

It’s spooky all up in here! We like decorating for Halloween almost as much as Christmas!  We have nearly as many decorations…  It’s just so fun to mark all of our holidays and fun times of the year with making our home festive.  The kids love it and I love it.  I think the hubby loves it too…he doesn’t decorate but I know he appreciates it!

I haven’t done anything too different from last year, as it just doesn’t make any sense to buy new decorations all the time.  Instead I add a few fun new things every year to freshen it up! So let’s go on a little tour of our Halloween home, shall we?

Here is our mantel for this Halloween..it isn’t much different from last year.

I just added my Spooky Eyeball Wreath, the black netting, crows, and a few little pumpkins and bits.

I changed the labels on my candle holders.  I love these from Martha Stewart…they’re actually wine labels, but they work great on any type of jar.  Then I added some candy corn.  Pretty!

Don’t forget these silly styrofoam eyeballs.  Spooky and kind of weird, no?  😉

Here’s a view of the whole wall.  Little splashes of colour.  I love the black, white, orange and purple combo.

Chic and spooky!

Even the coffee table gets decorated with the seasons!  The kids love to do this!

And our spooky staircase, all dressed up with purple lights and black leaves.  And mice.  What’s a Halloween home without mice?  🙂

I love these spiders!  I was inspired by Crafty Biggers with this project!

All you need is a package of spiders, some magnets and a glue gun!  Easy and so fun!

Well that’s our Halloween home!  We’re ready!  Except maybe for the fact that 2/3 of the kids don’t have a costume yet…better get on that.

Have a spooky day!


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  1. The spiders on the door (the picture with the full door) “move” like they are running, if you scroll down or up. It is the way you have them lined up, I think. It is spooky when they look like they are actually climbing all ove the door! You did a great job!!