Frame Your Mirror!

Hi friends!  I have a home reno bug…it hits me every fall and every January.  There is something about this time of year that makes me feel inspired to clean up and get things refreshed, so we’ve been busy painting walls, and tackling our home to-do list.

So when I was asked by the company Frame Your Mirror if I wanted to try out a frame kit for my bathroom mirror I said yes of course!  This is actually something that we’ve wanted to do with our bathroom mirror (I even think I pinned a how-to somewhere…), but we just never got around to it.  Something about sawing and hammering out a new frame just didn’t get me excited.  But when I was told about these easy to install, ready to go kits, I said a big huge yes!

Easy to install and ready to go I can definitely do!  This project can be done in 1/2 hour or less, plus 1 hour of drying time.  And you don’t even break a sweat…especially if you let your husband do the work and you just stand back and take pictures.  Now that’s a DIY project right up my alley!  😉

Now let’s take a look at my bathroom mirror before, shall we….don’t pay any attention to that terrible, awful, no good, very bad light fixture…that’s for another day (side note…that light is so bad that I even turned it upside down hoping it would look better…it doesn’t).  Anyway, we’re talking frames here.  Let’s look:


Before:  Simple and builder basic.  Nothing special.


After!  Look how much the mirror pops out!  I actually can’t believe how much of a difference this frame makes in our bathroom.  Now it looks more like a decorative accent…almost like a mini-renovation!


I knew having the frame around the mirror would probably look nice, but I had NO idea how much of a difference it would make in our bathroom, or how much I would like it.  And I like it.  I really, really like it.  I even go upstairs just to look at it.  No really, I do.  Somehow our bathroom just feels more finished, and bigger.  It’s always so amazing to me when little touches make such a big impact!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Here’s a little how to on the installation.  Honestly it’s as easy as it looks in these pictures.  If you want to see a more detailed how-to, you can view their installation video here.


If you live in the city of Calgary it’s SO easy, because the mirror already comes assembled, and all you have to do is hang it.  But if you are anywhere else in Canada, the kit comes to you like you see above…in 4 pieces, plus the required materials (minus the hammer).


Installation really is as simple as:

  • Glueing the corners of the 4 wooden pieces.
  • Hammering in the plastic joint connector keys.
  • Waiting as the glue dries.
  • Using the cardboard corner guides provided for easy alignment referencing.
  • Then removing the adhesive backing on each frame side, then hanging.
  • Basically, just stick to the easy-to-follow instructions provided and it’s a breeze!

Here’s one last look at how the frame looks in on my bathroom mirror:

Frame-Your-Mirror-{A-Pretty-Life}5Love love love!

Have an inspired day!

Disclosure:  I was provided with this mirror frame kit for review.  All opinions are mine though.  If I did not like this frame, I would not be telling you about it!  But this frame kit is the bomb!  Love love it!

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    1. Thank you Lori!! We just had family pictures done on the weekend and I got some head shots too! I can’t wait to see the rest of them…our photographer is SO fantastic! 🙂

  1. It looks amazing! I have been debating doing this in my kids bathroom for a while. You should try flipping your light fixture and switching out the glass covers and I think the light will look a million times better, and only cost a few dollars.

    1. Great idea Brooke! I actually think that when we moved in here the original owners switched out the light fixtures right before they moved out…a lot of them are rusted and don’t actually fit the hole in the wall…it’s so weird! But it’s a good excuse now to replace them, lol!

  2. Nice update! I can’t stand a giant frameless mirror… it’s like hanging a poster on the wall instead of art. Our last home (new build) had one in every bathroom. This is a great, simple solution.

    1. No mitre saw needed…that’s my kind of DIY, lol! And yes, they can come in white – you just have to ask them and they will do it. I asked because I was going to go with white then changed my mind at the last minute!