Life is better with great coffee! A Free Printable

A cute free printable for your kitchen or coffee station!

Life is better with great coffee.  It really is.  I actually go to bed at night looking forward to my morning cup of java.  There’s something so comforting and nice about a cup of coffee to start the day, it’s a lovely ritual isn’t it?

If you love coffee as much as I do, you might like this cute Coffee Break printable for your kitchen! All the favourite coffees on one cute little printable!  Hang it in your kitchen or add it to your coffee station.  Adorable.

Free Printable: Coffee Definitions Infographic

Now we have all the fancy coffee definitions at our (and our guests) fingertips!  Feel free to pin this image or drag it to your desktop and print it off for your kitchen too!

Have a delicious day!


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