KitchenAid® 13-cup Food Processor with ExactSlice™ System Review

I’ve got so much fun over here for you today…I’ve been so excited to give you the chance to win an amazing kitchen appliance!

Recently I got to test out the KitchenAid® 13-cup Food Processor with ExactSlice™ System and I have to say I’ve rediscovered my love of the food processor.  Anything that cuts down on my kitchen prep time makes me happy!

Here’s my review:


When my sleek, white KitchenAid food processor arrived at my door, I took one look at it and knew I was going to love this appliance.  It’s sturdy,  and stylish.  And it comes with a number of different blades for chopping, slicing, pureeing, grating…you name it.  And one of the best parts?  It comes with a storage container for all of these attachments.  Now that is thinking…how many of you have food processor attachments spread out around your kitchen?  I know I did…that’s one of the things that annoyed me most about our old processor!  So I was pretty impressed to see that this new KitchenAid model came with a container to store everything needed to use it.  Genius.


I found this food processor very easy to assemble and use.  After using it several times, it made me realize just how much time I could save during food prep!  Where was this when I made my Dill Scalloped Potatoes?!  I am so impressed with how fast it slices, but I especially love that I can adjust the slicing thickness with a simple lever found on the outside of the appliance, all without having to remove the blade or turn off the food processor.  This was the first time when using a food processor that I could actually have food sliced at the thickness I wanted!


So to get a really good feel for this food processor I wanted to try slicing really delicate fruits like strawberries and kiwis.  I wanted to see how it handled foods like this that you might not think about putting through a food processor.  And wow was I impressed!  I always thought of food processors as kitchen tools you would mainly use for slicing potatoes and other root vegetables, and never delicate fruits.  Boy was I wrong.  This processor sliced through all my strawberries and kiwis in record time, and at precise widths.  I was pretty amazed.  This got me thinking of all the ways I could use this processor…I could use it to slice fruits & vegetables, make salsas, sauces, doughs, and even desserts.  Best multi-purpose kitchen tool ever.


I am really enjoying my new food processor, and have used it for several recipes already!  My most favourite recipe thus far is a tart I made…I used my food processor to make the crust, the pastry cream and the fruit topping.  The prep time for this was so quick…I had a tart crust ready in 30 seconds!  Amazing!  Here’s a little teaser of my food processor made tart!


Stop by this post where I’m sharing the full recipe – it’s too good to miss!

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Have an inspired day!

Disclosure: KitchenAid Canada provided me with a KitchenAid® 13-cup Food Processor with ExactSlice™ System for review, at no cost to me.  But like always, the opinions expressed here are my own.  This really is a fantastic food processor!

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  1. That appliance looks amazing! It would replace three seperate appliances I currently use now. I would actually get some counter space back.

  2. I love food processors! I love using them for vegetable soups or stews that need tons of slicing — so much easier than hunching over a cutting board for a half hour!

  3. I would use it to shred my carrots and cabbage for my great coleslaw recipe which I love but is very tedious to make on my box grater.

  4. I actually don’t have a food processor but I’d definitely love to especially to help me make salads such as cucumber salad, coleslaw and fruit salad.

  5. OOOH fun! That tart looks delicious! Shredding cheese would also be awesome. My kids love to snack on shredded cheese and having to get out the shredder every time is annoying. You could shred up a block of cheese at once and keep it in the fridge!

  6. So many choices, but I would start with a mexican feast with fresh homemade salsa and guacamole!! Yummy!

  7. I think I’d start by making a few dips – hummus, bacon & chive… all the things that my blender can’t quite manage to do with less liquid.

  8. It would be a pie. Since my old food processor died I haven’t made many pies, as making a pie crust in the food processor is so much easier.next would be the flan, yum!

  9. I love using my food processor to make falafel. If I win, I’d give this to my sister, and I’m pretty sure she’d make salmon cakes or cole slaw. first.

    1. (Oops, just realized this is only open to Canadians. My sister’s husband is Quebecois — you could send it to his mom if I win. 😉 Good luck to all the legitimate entrants.)

  10. I have a small food processor of a different brand that I use all the time. I’ve been saying for awhile that I want to upgrade and this one would be fantastic! I would have to try that fruit tart once you share the recipe!

  11. The first recipe I would make is a cheesecake! I can never get the crumbs fine enough and the cheesecake filling smooth enough. Problemo solved with this! LOVE KITCHENAID!!!

  12. I have a cake recipe I have burned out two other devices trying to make…this KitchenAid food processor is what I need to make it!! It looks big enough and I LOVE that it has a holder for all the attachments

  13. I would make a pie crust. I just made one today and it would be s much better not to put my hands on the cold butter hardly at all.

  14. I would use it to shred a whole shedload of cheese (it is such a better deal to it that way and I don’t have a food processor!)

  15. I would make sweet potato soup first. It is a family favorite here with my kiddies. 😀 Thanks!

  16. I would probably make scalloped potatoes as that’s my family’s favourite dish, then I’d make your wonderful fruit tart.yum
    I live in Ontario.

  17. What wouldn’t I make with this food processor!!!? The first thing I would make would be a lovely mushroom blendability lasagna! Having a food processor really makes finely chopping the mushroom quick and easy! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  18. I would be making gluten free bread! I have seen a few recipes for it done in the food processor. What a time save it would be.

  19. I’d make some kind of pie or tart because I”ve never made pie crust with anything but my hands before!

  20. That fruit tart does look delicious, but I absolutely LOVE the pie crust recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, and I haven’t baked a pie in forever!!

  21. Would love to have this food processor for when my mother in law and sister in law and I get together twice a year to make salsa!

  22. I need a food processor so bad! This one looks amazing!! I would definitely make this banana cream pie recipe I have that NEEDS a food processor.