5 Winter Decorating Ideas and Tips!

Embrace the coldest season of the year by making your home cozy!  Here are 5 Winter Decorating Ideas and Tips to get you warm and cozy indoors.

With Christmas all put away, my home feels like a fresh start. But it’s also a big shock to go from a fully festive decorated home, to one that’s an empty slate…it just feels a little cold and stark.  And when it’s January here in northern Canada, the last thing I want is to feel cold and stark indoors!  So I embrace the opportunity and decorate to make my home feel cozy and warm inside.  It doesn’t have to cost much, or be complicated.  In fact, decorating for winter is really easy!  I’m sharing 5 winter decorating ideas to make your home cozy for winter.

5 Winter Decorating Ideas and Tips

All the Lights and Candles!

When the days are short and the nights are long, candles and soft lighting are a must!  I especially love to use fairy lights with timers…I string them along my mantel, add them to cloches and hang them along railings.  This year I also added a few little pre-lit trees I found in the clearance section at Chapters.  They cast the most soft and gentle light at night…and are so pretty during an overcast dreary day too.

Choose Light and Bright Colours

I like to decorate for winter using bright and fresh winter colours like white and and icy shades of blue.  These colours create such a cheery and light space.

5 Winter Decorating Ideas and Tips

Layer on Pillows and Blankets

My favourite thing about our winter living room is our couches all loaded up with soft blankets and tonnes of pillows.  It can get really cold and dreary where I live so having a cozy space to snuggle into is a necessity!  Tip! I like to make sure there’s a blanket available for each member of our family, so there’s no fighting over blankets!

Recycle your Christmas Decorations

Many Christmas decorations also work well for winter decorating.  Things like white snowflakes, white trees, fairy lights and anything that’s neutral.  I also like to use natural elements like pine cones, birch branches and logs that I had out for Christmas…they’re perfect winter decor and add a nice cozy touch.


5 Winter Decorating Ideas and Tips


Hang a Winter Wreath

Greet your family and friends at the door with a winter wreath.  I especially love to hang yarn wreaths because the yarn just seems cozy and appropriate for this time of year.  This Winter Wonderland Bottle Brush Wreath and this Cozy Yarn Winter Wreath are 2 really easy to make options.

Nothing left now to do but make a batch of Iced Winter Sugar Cookies, pour a cup of tea and settle into your home for a cozy winter.

More Winter Decorating Inspiration:

Have an inspired day!

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