Winter Yarn Wreath

Embrace the cold and wintery months with a simple and seasonal Winter Yarn Wreath for your front door!

I thought it was time that I wrote a post…I’m moving a little slow over here this month!  Somehow it’s already almost half way through January and I’ve barely written a thing.  I’ve been busy, but just haven’t blogged much (or at all except for my 2015 recipe recap).  I found it hard to get back into writing and creating right after the holidays, so I didn’t put any pressure on myself to do that. Instead I took the time to clean up from Christmas and get my home organized.  I also went on a much needed getaway to Radium, BC with a group of girl friends and now I feel recharged and inspired to get back to things.

I decided that my first project for the year would be a wreath, because I love wreaths…especially yarn wreaths.  Last January I started one and never finished it.  I had found a ball of yarn that I adored and wanted to use it to make a wreath, so I wrapped a wreath base and then just stopped.  I didn’t know what to embellish it with, so it sat all wrapped in my front closet for an entire year.

Today feels like a wreath-ing kind of day.

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Now fast forward to one year later as I am cleaning up all of my Christmas decorations…I was tucking away the Christmas wreath I made this season, when I suddenly remembered the yarn wreath I had started last year and decided it was time to finish it.    I thought, why couldn’t I just add a few bottlebrush trees and some ribbon and make a winter wreath?  Because winter certainly doesn’t stop here once Christmas is over.  No sireeeeee, winter just gets more snowy and cold, and because of this I just cannot pretend it’s spring because it isn’t.

Winter in Canada {A Pretty Life}

In fact this is how things are looking just a short drive from my house.  It’s winter folks.

So why not decorate to celebrate it?  Yes, celebrate winter.  We have such a long winter so it doesn’t do any good to hate this time of year.  I try hard to embrace our wintery months by decorating with a little winter flare during January and February, and this year is no different.  You won’t find any spring colours or flower blossoms in my home right now because it’s a winter wonderland outside, so I thought I’d make a wreath to reflect the season.

Winter Yarn Wreath {A Pretty Life}

I took my winter coloured yarn wreath base and added some bottle brush trees and plaid ribbon.  So simple.  I love how it turned out…the yarn is perfectly wintery and the trees and ribbon add just the right punch of colour.  It suits winter perfectly don’t you think?

Winter Yarn Wreath {A Pretty Life}

Now I’ve got this wreath hanging on my front door, and it makes me smile every time I see it!  I really do love winter here when it’s snowy and cold so decorating to reflect it in the coziest way possible, just feels right to me.  Stay tuned as I share more simple ways to decorate after the holidays but true to the season!  Hint…I kept my plaid out…

Do you decorate for winter or do you go right to spring?

Have an inspired day!


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  1. this turned out so pretty…just getting familiar with your site and this project looks simple yet elegant..love the yarn colors