Winter Living Room Decorating

Embrace winter and decorate your home to reflect this beautiful season!

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This year during the week between Christmas and New Years I took down all of my Christmas decorations.  It seemed like the perfect time to get our house back in order.  There’s just something so beautiful about that lull between holidays, the pressure of Christmas is off, the fridge is stocked with delicious holiday leftovers…but the best part is that we never have much on our schedule so we’re sloooooow moving.  The kids are busy with their Christmas gifts, and I get busy getting my house cleaned and ready for January.  One of my most favourite feelings is that one when the house is a clean slate again…the tree is down, the decorations are put away, and now I have a fresh start.  I love January.

At this point many people start decorating for Valentine’s Day, but I just can’t, it’s too early.  I don’t want to move too fast into the next holiday, so instead, this is the time of year when I choose to embrace winter.  Currently we are in a deep freeze with more snow in the forecast, so there is no denying winter is here to stay for a while.  And instead of dreading it, we embrace it, both outdoors and indoors.  Outside we’ve been busy snowshoeing, skating, walking, and tobogganing, and inside we’re cozying up on the couch with homemade hot chocolate, fires and tonnes of Netflix.

So come inside my winter home, it’s fresh and cozy in here.

Winter Living Room Decorating

Winter Living Room Decorating

The nice thing about decorating for winter is the use of bright and fresh winter colours like white and and icy shades of blue.  These colours create such a cheery and light space.

Winter Living Room Decorating

I started with my mantel which is the focus of our living room area.  I wanted to keep it simple and light so I didn’t do much decorating here.  I added in natural elements like pine cones and birch branches, which both are things I love so much in home decor.  I used many of the same elements on my Winter Porch!

Winter Living Room Decorating

I actually kept a couple of things out from my Christmas decor…I left the pinecone garland on the mantle, and kept out the tree candle holders, but moved them to my bookcases.  I think they both work great for winter decorating.

Winter Living Room Decorating

But my favourite part of our winter living room is our couch loaded with soft blankets and tonnes of pillows.  I have a thing for throw pillows in case you haven’t noticed!  But I love how they look on my couch, and I like to snuggle in with them…my husband not so much, he tends to shove them aside but whatevs.  😉


Molly loves the pillows too.  Isn’t she the cutest?


I found the snowy owl and birch tree pillows on clearance at Chapters…they were part of their Christmas decor, but I thought they were perfect for winter…the snowy owl and birch trees are all images of our Canadian winters and I LOVE that.

Winter Living Room Decorating

When I was growing up seeing Snowy Owls swoop between fields was a regular occurrence, so when I saw this pillow I was instantly in love.


Love love love so much.

Winter Living Room Decorating

Winter Living Room Decorating

Fresh and airy, yet comfy.  I’m really happy with how it came together, I especially love it at night with the fire going and candles lit.  It’s all of this that helps me love January as much as I do.

Winter Living Room Decorating

So there is my winter living room!  We’re going to enjoy it for a couple of weeks until I pull out all of the Valentine decorations!  Do you decorate for winter?  Or do you go straight to Valentine’s Day?

If you haven’t seen my Winter Porch, make sure to pop over!

Decorating the Porch for Winter

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    1. I absolutely love it! We had initially bought it for our kids bonus room, but I decided I wanted to try it in our main living area, and I love the grey so much…I find it so much easier to decorate around.

  1. Living in Delaware and being an outdoor girl, I keep winter iin mind when decorating EVEN for Christmas. Lots of snowmen, bottle brush trees, mittens, hot chocolate that can be left out after Christmas is over. I will layer in Valentines by the end of January.

    Winter to me is lots of house plants, fresh flowers, forcing paper whites, good reads, casseroles from the oven and home made soups and pies. Family, friends, board games and cards. Have to embrace all 4 seasons! Lovn’ them.

  2. Love your built in bookcases on either side of your fireplace. I have a similar style fireplace & have been thinking of adding in some storage. Were these a custom item? I love your owls too! I am a Canadian as well and love your wintry touches.