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Decorating the Porch for Winter

Decorating the Porch for Winter is a great way to embrace this beautiful season and greet your friends & family!

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Let’s take a little adventure today and visit a couple of beautiful winter porches, and maybe gather some inspiration to decorate your own porch, entryway or front step for winter!  I’m participating in a Winter Porch Blog hop with Design, Dining and Diapers and House 214 Design, and we are excited to share our winter decorating with you!  Winter is a beautiful time to decorate…

With winter being our most predominant season here, I think we should welcome it with open arms. Or at least a decorated porch!  Haha!  But honestly, I like welcoming in our different seasons with a little festive decor…it helps break up the monotony of what can feel like a verrrrrrry long winter/spring.  And I have to admit the house feels pretty bare after all the Christmas decorations come down.  So to keep our home feeling cozy during our winter, I add some winter decorations.  I’ve got my living room all decorated, and yesterday I decorated my porch.

Welcome to my Winter Porch!

Decorating the Porch for Winter

Because our winter has been SO cold and snowy this year, I decided to decorate to reflect this weather…which I love, I might add!  Cold and snow needs cozy and rustic, so that’s how I decorated.  And as you can see we have a tonne of snow, and it just keeps coming and coming but I love it.

Decorating the Porch for Winter

To decorate this porch space, I decided to ‘shop’ my home, so to speak.  My goal this year is to keep things as simple and minimal as I can around here, so that means less shopping for stuff.  I have too much stuff already, so I’m just going to try to decorate in new ways with it all.  This porch was decorated with items I have already.  Love that.

Decorating the Porch for Winter

Cozy blankets, pillows, candles, my favourite Sorel winter boots, snowflakes, birch logs and pine cones.  Wintery indeed.

Decorating the Porch for Winter

Decorating the Porch for Winter

What I love most about this space is how quiet and neutral it is.  All soft  colours that reflect what our winters look like here…white, brown, grey, sparkly.  Calming and really lovely.  Winter really is a nice season.

Decorating the Porch for Winter

Add some light from the candles and this is a lovely winter space.

Decorating the Porch for Winter

I love how it all came together…it almost makes me want to sit out here with a cup of hot chocolate.  I said almost.

Decorating the Porch for Winter

Now hop on over to visit Taryn’s Winter Porch over on Design, Dining and Diapers!

Design, Dining and Diapers Winter Porch

So how about you?  Do you decorate for winter?  Or are you all ready for Valentine’s Day?

Have an inspired day!


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  1. This is so gorgeous! All the little details are so beautiful, I love the neutrals and texture. And the snow just really tops everything off!