Music to get you through the winter!

So in my effort to embrace winter and help you embrace it with me,
I put together a music playlist to chase those winter blues away!

Music is a big part of our house, and sometimes just turning on a good playlist
changes everyones mood for the better!

So get on your dancing shoes, and put on a great playlist!  Sing out loud too…it’s good for the soul!  😉

Music to get you through the winter!  Edition 1


This playlist is a little mellow, it’s soul-soothing and it’s fun all wrapped up in one!
And it includes some great Canadian artists too!
I hope you enjoy it!

  1. Home by Phillip Phillips.  I was first introduced to this song by my friend Lori.  Love love this song.  Love it.  With all my heart.
  2. All the World by Correatown.  Just a pretty song.  I really like this whole album.
  3. I’m On Fire by Lindi Ortega.  I love her music.  Her music is sultry and sassy and fabulous.  If you’ve heard her you’ll know exactly what I mean.  And this cover of Bruce Springsteen’s song is amazing.  She’s Canadian too!
  4. Coal War by Joshua James.  Love this song.  It’s from the Sons of Anarchy.  You know that scene where they’re all getting out of jail, and Jax comes out with all of his hair cut off ?!  This is that song.
  5. Possession by Sarah McLachlan.  I have been listening to this album for over two decades now (omg has it really been that long?!).  It’s timeless.  It’s beautiful.  It’s soul-stirring.  And she’s Canadian.  Love that.
  6. The Age of Worry by John Mayer.  I love John Mayer.  I love this song.  In fact I think it’s my favourite song of his.  I have completely changed my opinion of John Mayer after I read an interview he did for Rolling Stone.  I think he was judged too harshly.  I’m a fan.
  7. Normal Song by Perfume Genius.  Can’t remember where I first heard this song, but it fast became a favourite.
  8. Two by Ryan Adams.  We’re big fans of Ryan Adams.  All his stuff is great.  His music is fantastic road trip music.
  9. Forever Young by Audra Mae.  Another song from the Sons of Anarchy.  This is a great song…one you can sing out loud, really loud.  But only if you want to.  But you’ll want to.  You will.  It’s just that kind of song.
  10. For the Summer by Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs.  Love Ray.  Adore him.  In my top 5 of all time fave artists.  I could have picked any of his songs for this playlist.  To be able to see him live in a smallish venue is on my music bucket list.
  11. Live Forever by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors.  I was first introduced to Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors at Christmas time when I was sent their Christmas album, and I liked it as soon as I heard the first song.  So I searched for more.  A lot of people first heard this song on the tv show Parenthood.
  12. Cornflower Blue by Great Lake Swimmers.  And I can’t make a playlist that doesn’t include the Great Lake Swimmers.  Their music is the best.  Canadian music at its absolute finest.  This song is a out-loud-singer too.  Go ahead!  Belt it out!

Also, if you are interested in another music playlist, I put one together last march…click here to find it.

Have a happy day!

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links from iTunes!

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  1. oooh i love this! we have very similar taste in music, and some of these i have not yet heard so heading over to itunes now! i always love your playlists.