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DIY Fall Flower Wreath

This DIY Fall Flower Wreath is so easy to make, trust me!  With just a few simple and inexpensive supplies, you can create a gorgeous fall wreath for your own home! 

Greet family and friends at your home with a pretty and cheery fall flower wreath hanging on your front door!  You can make a statement with this easy DIY, in less than 30 minutes, using simple supplies.

A picture of a wreath being held

Can a wreath ever really be too big? 😉

Are we shocked that I made another big grapevine wreath for fall?!  I don’t think so.  It does appear that I might be a tad in love with these wreaths…I made this one for fall last year (it’s one of my faves), and I made this one, and this one for Christmas (this is my absolute favourite).  I just really adore the size of them…they’re big enough that I can stuff so many decorative stems into them which gives the wreath such visual impact.

A picture of a wreath being held.

Add unexpected pops of colour to your fall wreath!

This year I decided to use some colours that I normally don’t include in my fall decor…colours like blue and teal.  It all started with a couple of teal pillows that I bought for my fall living room (which I will be sharing soon).  I couldn’t resist the colour of them, and thought they would actually look so beautiful next to the yellows and purples I wanted to use in my fall home decor this fall.

A close-up of the floral stems in a fall grapevine wreath

Doesn’t the teal look perfect against the sunflowers and purple stems?!  I love it.

A close-up of the sunflowers at the base of the fall wreath

Bright and Cheery Sunflowers

Speaking of stems…I’m absolutely loving sunflowers this year.  I mean, I always love sunflowers…they’re the perfect late summer/early fall flower and there are always loads of them around this time of year.  I was especially drawn to them this particular year because my yard has dozens of sunflowers growing in it so it felt more appropriate than ever.  I thought about using real sunflowers in this wreath, but the petals don’t last that long so I opted for faux stems that I found at Michaels.  It’s actually amazing how realistic faux flowers are these days.

A close up of the flowers at the base of the fall wreath

I mixed the sunflowers with some pretty purple leaf stems, faux Dusty Miller, and various yellow and blue stems I also found at Michaels.  I also tucked in a few chocolate brown feathers which add a nice touch of soft texture to the wreath.

A picture of a wreath being held in a field

What you need to make a Fall Flower Wreath:

These big wreaths are so easy to make. Their big size allows for a lot of imperfection which is great!  And they also won’t cost you a lot, especially if you use your coupon at Michaels or catch them on one of their 2 for 1 floral stem sales.  Here’s what you need:

  • 1 grapevine wreath base: in the size of your choice.  I use the 24 inch wreath bases from Michaels.  They’re big, but still small enough to fit on my door.
  • floral stems: I used about 12-15 large floral stems and cut them into pieces so I could stuff them into the wreath base
  • feathers:  I used about 10 chocolate coloured feathers
  • ribbon: I bought this teal coloured satin ribbon from Michaels as well
  • you don’t need glue or floral wire!

A close up of the flowers in a fall wreath

How to make a fall flower wreath:

These wreaths are SO simple.  I don’t use glue or anything.  As long as the stem are long enough, it’s really just as simple as stuffing them into the grapevine base.  It’s easy, but it’s aIso great because I can remove the stems at each season to make new wreaths…which is much better than ending up with dozens of wreaths collecting in your basemen!  Here’s a quick tutorial:

  • Hang the grapevine wreath base on a wreath hanger on an inside door.  Having the wreath hanging at face level will let you see what you’re doing much easier, rather than trying to make a wreath while it’s laying on a table.
  • Keep the symmetry!  My wreath rule of thumb is: what I do to one side of the wreath, I do to the other.
    • To make this wreath symmetrical, I started by stuffing in 2 sunflower sprigs at the base of the wreath…one on each side for balance.
    • Then I continue to stuff in the floral stems, 2 at a time, one on each side for balance.
  • Keep the larger blooms at the bottom of the wreath.  This helps to visually ground your wreath and draw the eye to the base.  Then from there I add the next big size, then the next size down, all the way until the smaller blooms are near the top.
  • Step back, have a look and see if both sides mirror each other, then add and adjust stems as needed.
  • Then to finish off the wreath I like to add some ribbon at the wreath, leaving it long and trailing.

A close up of the flowers in a fall flower wreath

I’m really happy with how this wreath turned out…with all the colours and textures, it’s perfect for fall!  I hope you make one for your home too!

More Fall Wreath Inspiration!

Happy Fall!

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