Colourful Boho Bedroom

This Colourful Boho Bedroom is a cheery and fun space for anyone not afraid of a little colour in their lives!

We’ve been in our home for over 11 years now, and over the years our kids rooms have had many different paint jobs.  When we moved in, at the time we only had the 2 kids, and our oldest was 4 and our youngest was 3, so as you can imagine, the colours have changed a lot over the years…we’ve had taupe, lavender, mint green and blue. But my favourite is definitely the current colour of my daughter’s room.  It’s a gorgeous vibrant turquoise that she chose to match her colourful chandelier.  I absolutely love this room and all it’s colour…but things are about to change.  My daughter has outgrown this space, so we’re going to give it a makeover!

And what better way to document this space forever than to share it here with you…and I can always go back to see it when I miss it.  Now why would she want to change anything in here you ask?  I ask that too…but I understand.  She chose this colour when she was a tween, and now she’s in high school and wants a space with more calming colours and decor.  I get that.  This is her space…it’s her sanctuary for rest, for studying and for being.  So when that makeover is all done, I’ll come back and share it with you.

So for now, let’s have a look at what her room looks like at the moment…

Colourful Boho Bedroom

Bright, cheery and eclectic…with a boho feel with the tapestry.  I love it.  On a side note, I actually just noticed that you can see the box mattress in this picture…I guess I need to get a cover for that hahahaha!  Oh well…that stuff is just real life.  Now, taking your eyes away from that…head on up and check out that chandelier.  Seriously. I love that light fixture. So when my daughter said she didn’t want it in her room anymore, I was more than happy to take it from her!  I’ve hung it up in my office space and LOVE it so much in there…I’ll show you some updated pictures of my office soon too.

Colourful Boho Bedroom

I just love the colour of the wall with the black and white tapestry and the white metal bed frame. A perfect combo…and it looks magical at night when she has her string lights all lit up too.

Colourful Boho Bedroom

This has been a great space for our daughter for many years, but now it’s time for a change.  She’s really looking forward to a more grown up room, and I’m excited for her!  I can’t wait to come back later and show you how different things look!

Colourful Boho Bedroom

Oh hey, have you ever met our cat?  This is Miss Livv.  We’ve had her for almost 10 years and she basically lives in my daughters room.  She never did end up liking our dog, so she hangs out up here almost all the time…but what a nice space to be.  And she matches perfectly too 😉

Room Details:

  • Chandelier:  Bethel International
  • Wall colour:  Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Eggshell:  Colour:  Bali Hai
  • Bed Frame:  Ikea
  • Tall chest of drawers:  Ikea
  • White Duvet:  Ikea
  • Tapestry:  Amazon
  • Salt Lamp:  Bed Bath and Beyond

Have an inspired day!

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  1. I love the chandelier in the boho bedroom. I went to Bethal International and found it but can’t seem to order it. Is that site just for wholesale or stores only?