Product Review: Hoover’s REACT™ Cordless Vacuum

Recently Edited (Dec 2019):  Occasionally I will update a post on a product review, after some time and use. These updates are to let you know what I think a year or even years later.  After about a year this vacuum stopped working.

I am working with Hoover to test and review some of their home products, and I’m sharing my thoughts on them! But as always, all opinions and statements in this post are my own.  Today I’m sharing details on the Hoover’s REACT™ Cordless Stick Vacuum, and my thoughts on it.

Hoover’s REACT™ Cordless Product Review

I vacuum a lot in my home…with 3 kids, a fluffy dog and a cat, I have to.  Honestly, it’s something I do almost daily.  I hate sweeping (it’s my least favourite cleaning chore) so I vacuum almost exclusively.  But dragging out the vacuum to do a quick clean up can feel like a hassle…unless you have a small cordless vacuum like the Hoover’s REACT™ Cordless Vacuum! I love cordless vacuums.  I love that there are no cords to contend with, no moving them around to different plugins, just nothing in the way…cordless vacuums make vacuuming so much easier.

The Hoover® REACT™ cordless vacuum is a great new option for home cleaning.  And being cordless isn’t even its best feature, this vacuum thinks for you.  It features FloorSense™ technology that instinctively senses a change in the floor type, which then automatically adjusts the brush roll speed to optimize performance from carpet to hard floors and back again.  So you can go from vacuuming your tile or hardwood, then go right to the carpet without having to manually switch the brush…the vacuum does it for you.

Hoover’s REACT™ Cordless

Features of the Hoover’s REACT™ Cordless:

  • FloorSense Technology:  You can vacuum seamlessly from tile, to hardwood to carpet without having to manually change the brush speed.  This vacuum utilizes micro-sensors that detect changing floor types and automatically adjusts brush roll speed for the best results on any floor type.  Making vacuuming easier than ever!
  • Whole Home Cleaning: You have the ability to clean throughout your whole home with superior run time, rapid charge time and fade free power.
  • ONE PWR Lithium Battery: 3X longer run time delivery gives you more cleaning power to cover your spaces and places.
  • WindTunnel Surge: Designed to capture dirt, dust and pet hair.
  • Rapid Charge: Faster charge time, so you’re always ready to tackle any mess.
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology:  All from your smart phone (with the Hoover app) you can customize your vacuum’s cleaning performance, and receive convenient maintenance notifications, as well as access to a simple and intuitive how-to guide for operating your new REACT™ vacuum.

My Thoughts:

  • Rating:  1/5
  • UPDATED THOUGHT:  This isn’t my favourite vacuum.  The biggest drawback is that the battery doesn’t last very long.  Initially it lasted about 30 minutes each time.  But now, almost a year later, it only lasts for 10 minutes.  The battery does charge quickly, but having it run out quickly is annoying.
  • This cordless vacuum is good only for small jobs.  I like to keep it on my main floor for easy access for quick clean ups.
  • I like that it’s cordless, no cords to trip over or move…love the ease of that
  • It’s nice and lightweight.  Easy to steer and maneuver around.  I love that the head is small enough to easily fit under counter ledges.
  • This vacuum has good suction.  It collects things like cheerios, just as easily as dust bunnies!

Where to Purchase:

This cleaner retails for $399.99 CDN and can be purchased at Hoover.ca, Canadian Tire, Costco, Walmart, and London Drugs

Happy cleaning!

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