Getting to know my Saeco GranBaristo

Edited:  Occasionally I will update a post on a product review, after some time and use. These updates are to let you know what I think a year or even years later.  While I have LOVED my Saeco GranBaristo, my machine stopped working after just over 2 years.  This is a pricey machine and should last longer than 2 years!  Sadly, I CANNOT recommend it.

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Now that I’ve had our Saeco GranBaristo for a while, I have gotten it to know it much better, so I thought I’d share some last thoughts I have about it in this last blog post, as well as some tips!

Saeco GranBaristo Review

  • A great aesthetic feature of the Saeco GranBaristo is how compact it is, and that it can easily fit on your kitchen counter.  It doesn’t take up much more room than a regular coffee maker.
  • And we also like that it is very easy to use.  The touch pad menu is easy to navigate.
  • We especially love that this machine grinds fresh coffee beans!  Best. Cup. Of. Coffee. Ever.
  • The Saeco GranBaristo comes with 2 interchangeable coffee bean compartments, so that means you can have 2 different kinds of beans on the go.  For example, I drink decaf and my husband drinks regular.  So we each have a compartment for our own beans that we just switch out when we want to make our own coffee.  And to make sure the bean grounds don’t cross contaminate, there is a special grinder cleaning option!  They’ve thought of everything!  Love it.

Saeco GranBaristo Review 2

  • Another great feature is that the GranBaristo can also make 2 coffees at the same time.

Saeco GranBaristo Review 3

  • One of my favourite things about this espresso machine is that it makes the most delicious and creamy foam.  When I order a drink at a coffee shop I always ask for extra foam, so I like that this machine makes great foam.
  • This machine can make almost any kind of coffee you can imagine:  Regular Coffee, Americanos, Cappuccinos, Espressos, Lattes, Flat Whites, Ristrettos, Macchiattos.
  • And not just coffee, you can also enjoy steamed milk or plain hot water for tea.
  • I also like that you can make coffee in different cup sizes.  The spout height easily adjusts to fit different sized cups.



  • We have found that the best foam comes from using whole milk.
  • The machine will self clean and descale, so it’s very easy to keep clean.  Just make sure to keep up with the weekly and monthly maintenance for great tasting coffee!
  • Set up individual profiles so you can have the perfect cup of coffee for you!
  • Keep the milk carafe full and in the fridge all ready to go at all times.  You never know when a latte craving is going to hit!  😉

Saeco GranBaristo Review 4

We are really, really enjoying our espresso machine.  It’s fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any one!  If you would like to know more details about this Saeco GranBaristo Espresso Machine, you can read about it here.

Have a wonderful day!


Disclosure:  Saeco generously provided the GranBaristo Espresso Machine for this post (I was not paid to post this review), and as always the ideas, photos and opinions stated here are mine.  We’re still loving our GranBaristo!

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