Our Budget Friendly Kids Bathroom Makeover

Have I ever shown you our kids bathroom?  Um, of course not because it’s a bathroom…a bathroom with peeling fishie decals and toothpaste smeared mirrors.  Oh, and I can’t dare show you a room with a hideous light fixture…oops I did.  Please ignore it.

The kids bathroom has needed some love for a looooong time.  It has served us well for many years, but now the kids are growing up, and things are starting to show their wear and tear, so it was time to give it a little update.  Not a complete renovation, just a refresh…and a budget friendly one too.  And the best way to update a room without spending a lot of money is to apply new paint and add a few new accessories.  This was exactly what we decided to do with our kids bathroom.

Our kids bathroom cost just over $100 to make over.  Not a lot of money for a fresh spa inspired bathroom!  Come see our budget friendly kids bathroom makeover!

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Here is a BEFORE of our bathroom:


It’s nice.  But it was getting tired and the kids were outgrowing it a bit.


But if you turned around you’d see this.  Peeling fishie decals, dented towel racks, dented walls.  Just tired and in need of some love.

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So with about $100 in our pocket we tackled this room and this is the AFTER:

Budget Friendly Kids Bathroom Makeover {A Pretty Life}

Ok.  First, let me tell you a little secret about this makeover.  I panicked when I saw the colour.  Like panicked.  My husband described it best as toothpaste green.  Omg.

Budget Friendly Kids Bathroom Makeover {A Pretty Life}

But then the kids saw it and they love love love love loved it.  So I started to see it through their eyes.  Kids love colour and aren’t afraid of it.  My kids would paint their walls 50 different colours if we’d let them.  And they’re on to something.  We should not be afraid of colour.  Especially in rooms where kids spend their time.  Like this bathroom…it’s their space.  So if they love the colour, then so do I.

Budget Friendly Kids Bathroom Makeover {A Pretty Life}

Actually, the more I looked at it, the more I liked it…it really started to grow on me.  So I embraced the colour and hit the stores in search of some bright and cheery accessories to tie everything together.

Budget Friendly Kids Bathroom Makeover {A Pretty Life}

The first thing I set out to find was a new rug.  Choosing a rug for a space is a really great place to start when accessorizing.  The colours and patterns of a floor rug can set the stage for other accessories.  So when I found this cheery and colourful rug I knew this was the direction to go with the decor.

Budget Friendly Kids Bathroom Makeover {A Pretty Life}

I also wanted to find some neutral containers for storing toiletries, as this bathroom is shared by 3 kids, so space is limited.  These containers are pretty and functional, but neutral enough that they are great as part of the decor.

Budget Friendly Kids Bathroom Makeover {A Pretty Life}

Then I found this pretty silver storage box for holding extra toilet paper and hand towels.  Ahhhhh things were starting to come together, and I was liking it!

Budget Friendly Kids Bathroom Makeover {A Pretty Life}

It’s like the universe knew I needed some convincing about this bathroom…I kept finding the perfect accessories, like these shower curtain hooks!  I love the big rhinestones in the centres.  So pretty!

Budget Friendly Kids Bathroom Makeover {A Pretty Life}

And to replace the dented towel rack I bought this simple silver towel ring.  We don’t have much space in our bathroom for a towel rack because the room is so small, so the builders installed it halfway behind the door.  This was a problem because every time someone opened the door, the rack got smashed.  This simple ring works perfectly for this small space, and now everyone can reach it, even our 5 year old!

Budget Friendly Kids Bathroom Makeover {A Pretty Life}

 So there it is!  Our budget friendly kids bathroom makeover!

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Here are the details:

Less than $125!

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I’m really enjoying seeing our home come back to life with fresh coats of paint!  Painting is such a great way to change the whole look of a room without having to spend a lot of money.  And I love the instant gratification of a newly painted room!  But we’ve still got more to do…stay tuned for our next project!  If you missed any of our other paint makeovers you can find them here:  our master bedroom, officeporch and house trim.

Have an inspired day!


Disclosure:  CIL generously provided the paint for this project!

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  1. I love the rug! My kids bathroom is a green (kermit the frog green) and although I’m not a fan, my kids love it and it’s their bathroom so why not, right? Your bathroom makeover came together perfectly.

  2. Hi, Thanks for helping me. I have been thinking about make a small bathroom for my baby. I think this is perfect for my baby. I want to make it for my kid. can you tell me how much cost do you need for making this? Thanks in advance for giving me the clarification.