Weekend Reads {Edition 2}

Happy weekend friends!  Thank you for stopping by to read the second edition of my Weekend Reads series!  I’m really enjoying this stray from my usual posting.  It’s fun to share great things I’ve come across during the week…there are so many great blogs, and articles and pins that sometimes I just want to spread the love you know?  So let’s do that.


I have to say I’m so happy that we’re heading into a new week over here.  Halloween is over (Halloween Hangover anyone?), the kids will be back to school and we can all get back into our routine.  Routine is nice.  And I need it, whoa nelly.


And I’ve got a tonne of work to do and recipes to share…so little time.  So much food.  Yum.  Make sure to come back later for this Hot Pizza Dip recipe.


And yes, I’m about to get busy with holiday posts.  I LOVE this time of year.  And I’m feeling it…I’m in the moooood.

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Now let’s read.  Here are some links to things I’ve been up to, new blogs I’ve discovered, recipes I’m dying to make….


Have a fabulous week friends!  Signature

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