What’s For Dinner? Pot Roast Beef Dinner Menu

This simple and delicious pot roast beef dinner menu includes popovers, easy mashed potatoes, a fresh green salad, and a tasty apple crisp for dessert.  Classic comfort food that really satisfies with easy to follow recipes that you can pull off on a Sunday afternoon.  

Welcome back to What’s For Dinner! Sometimes, I’m just in the mood for a traditional Sunday dinner. Comfort food that fills me right up and reminds me of simple days past makes me so happy. When I get in this mood, I think of my Easy and Delicious Pot Roast. I’ve rounded up a complementary menu full of simple and tasty items that are easy to make, and can even be made ahead of time for an extra relaxing Sunday afternoon.  

Pot Roast Beef Dinner Menu

  • Main Dish: Easy and Delicious Pot Roast
  • Side Dish: Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes 
  • Salad: Simple Green Salad with Homemade Mayo Dressing
  • Side Dish: Popovers
  • Dessert:  Classic Apple Crisp

The Perfect Pot Roast

First, let’s prep this delicious pot roast! Cooked slowly all afternoon, this recipe will have your house smelling so good. And with very little hands-on time for prep and cooking, it is actually a relaxing way to serve an almost formal feeling meal.  AND, you can use the leftovers for soup!  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes

Nothing goes better with a good pot roast than mashed potatoes. And I KNOW that mashed potatoes are the easiest thing to make, but I find making them right at dinner time annoying! They’re just ONE MORE THING to do when you’re already busy. Try making these potatoes at the same time you stick your roast in the oven, so when the actual rush of people in your kitchen wanting to eat begins, you are ready and waiting! All you have to do come serving time is heat and stir in butter and cream. GET THE RECIPE HERE

a brown bowl sits on a black and whit plate. the bowl is filled with creamy mashed potatoes

Simple Green Salad with Homemade Mayo Dressing

Next, whip up a simple green salad to complement your yummy pot roast main course! This is one of my favourite recipes, because it is deceivingly simple for something so delicious.  All you need is your choice of salad greens and additions, and three simple ingredients:  mayonnaise, milk and sugar. SO simple, but sometimes, simple things are the best! This dressing is proof of that. MAKE IT!

a top down view of a grey bowl filled with a green salad drizzled with a white dressing


Before you look at the picture and panic that I’m ruining our “easy and simple” roast beef dinner menu theme with fiddly Yorkshire puddings, don’t worry! Popovers are slightly different and less of a headache. Made with a simple batter that everyone will love (who doesn’t love white flour and butter?), you can’t go wrong adding these to your pot roast menu plan. And no complaints, because the rest of the meal is make-ahead ready! This is really the only thing you have to do 🙂  Work backward from the baking time in the recipe so you can plan to take the popovers out of the oven and put them on the table right as everything else is ready to go.  GET THE RECIPE

a muffin tin is filled with freshly baked popovers

Classic Apple Crisp

Now, we’ll finish our simple and traditional Sunday dinner theme with a dessert offering! I give to you, a classic recipe for apple crisp.  Soft baked chopped apples topped with a buttery warm cinnamon oat topping, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! So good. And, you have the option of making this ahead of time so all you have to do is add ice cream.  Or, have this ready to go into the oven as you sit down to the rest of your dinner, and take it out at the end to serve warm and fresh.  Easy-peasy either way! MAKE IT

a top down view of a grey bowl filed with apple crips and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

That’s a wrap! When you give this roast beef dinner menu a try, comment below and tell me how your family enjoyed it. Even better, tag me on instagram @aprettylife!

Have a delicious day!

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