My It’s-Not-Spring-Yet Simple Spring Vignette

Add some spring cheer to your home with a Simple Spring Vignette!  I’m sharing a super simple, really cute and cheery little Spring Vignette that is all about cacti. 

Hello friends!  Today I’m joining Krista of The Happy Housie, as well as 26 more blogger friends as part of the Seasonal Simplicity Spring Series.  We will be gathering together several more times over the next few weeks to share some pretty and simple spring recipes, DIY’s, home tours and other spring projects with you. You’re going to love all this springy inspiration!  And in case you missed my first project, you can read it here –> “How to Grow Plants from Cuttings”

Today we are sharing our spring mantels and vignettes, so make sure to check all of them out in the links at the bottom of this post.  As part of todays series, I’m sharing a really simple spring vignette with cacti!

A Simple Spring Vignette with Cacti

Don’t Have a Mantel?  Create  Vignette!

Before we get into the details of my spring vignette, I thought we should talk for a minute about mantels and vignettes.  I know many people don’t have fireplace mantels to decorate for each season, so vignettes are a great alternative.  But what exactly is a vignette?  Basically in decorating, a vignette is a little grouping of items.  They can be on a table top, on top of a cabinet, on a shelf, counter top…really anywhere in your home where you wish to create a display.  I actually decorate little vignettes around my home all year round…in fact, vignettes are one of my favourite ways to decorate.  I think I love them so much because there is no pressure to create them.  Often times my vignettes end up decorated on a whim or by accident, as I randomly place stuff on my cabinets and dressers and end up really loving how they look.

Simple Spring Vignette

Some of my most favourite vignettes are in my kitchen space.  I have a cookbook cabinet and a chest of drawers in this area that always end up with all kinds of random things on top of them.  It’s on these spaces that I usually end up stacking wooden boards, displaying flowers and basically just putting random stuff that I think looks pretty.  And this Simple Spring Vignette is exactly the result of that.

A Simple Spring Vignette with Cacti

This is also where I have to admit that we are still in the throes of ‘Extreme Temperature Warnings’ and we have morning windchills of -40 degrees C.  That is COLD.  Spring is definitely nowhere in sight, but that doesn’t stop me.  It might not be spring outside, but it’s definitely starting to feel like spring inside.  In fact, with weather as cold as this, the timing is never better to pretend it’s spring. 😉

Simple Spring Vignette

Inspiration is Everywhere!

My spring vignette all started with a pretty little pot of cacti that I found at a plant shop located here in Calgary, called Plant.  This shop is a little plant haven teeming with life, which is such a treat in the middle of one of the coldest winters on record.  On my recent visit to this shop I was immediately drawn to all of the cacti.  I love cacti so much, there’s just something so beautiful about them.  I actually have quite a love affair with the desert, so having some cacti here at home makes me think of the beautiful deserts in Arizona, which I’m really missing right now.  So when I saw this little pot of cacti, I knew I wouldn’t be leaving without it, but seriously, look how adorable it is….

A Simple Spring Vignette with Cacti

And then one pot of cacti, led to another.

A Simple Spring Vignette with Cacti

And another and another and another.  Seriously, someone stop me.

A Simple Spring Vignette with Cacti

But I just can’t resist their adorable prickliness.  And how each one looks so different.  And how when I buy a cactus I also get to buy pretty little pots to go with them.  On a side note, I bought most of these pots at Walmart!  I was amazed to see so many gorgeous and trendy little pieces.

A Simple Spring Vignette with Cacti

Putting together my Simple Spring Vignette

My goal for this vignette was to keep it as simple as possible.  I didn’t want to fuss with a lot of stuff, I just wanted some live plants in pretty pots that we could look at until actual spring arrives.  So I shopped at my local plant store, as well as some big box stores in search of small cacti and pots that I could display them in.  Then I repotted everything, and put all of my little cacti friends on display on my cookbook cabinet next to our dining table.  Now we can see them all day every day and I love it.  And because I know myself, I do realize that this collection is likely going to grow in numbers…I can’t resist.

My It's-Not-Spring-Yet Simple Spring Vignette

And Because I Can’t Resist a Cheeky Letter Board Quote for Spring

I had to add my letter board with a fun little quote…we need all the humour we can get right now, trust me.  We’re all walking the line between cranky and bored over here…because winter.

A Simple Spring Vignette with Cacti

A Simple Spring Vignette with Cacti

Remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful.

I really try to live by that for most things…when I try to get too fancy or over-complicate something, it takes away the joy.  So if a vignette of a small collection of cacti on a cabinet makes me happy, then mission accomplished.  I hope you also leave feeling inspired to create a vignette in your own home.  Gather together things that make you happy, whether that be cacti or flowers or pretty glassware, books or dishes.  It’s all about keeping it simple and adding cheer to a space.  Happy-spring-is-almost-here!

A Simple Spring Vignette with Cacti

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Have an inspired day!

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  1. I am trying to pretend it’s spring here in Utah, but the truth of the matter is we will have sporadic snow through March and likely even April. Sometimes I get a bit jealous of the folks already enjoying 70-80 degree weather, but I love my winters 🙂 Your cactus display is super cute. I am pinning it and sending the link over to my neighbor who will want to copy it straight away!

  2. So cute! I usually go with faux plants, but I might be able to actually keep cacti alive! Hope you’re temps warm up soon – I can’t imagine that cold. Brrrrr….