How to Grow Plants From Cuttings

How to Grow Plants From Cuttings.  Expand your garden or houseplant collection with this simple and inexpensive method of plant propagation.

Hello friends!  Today I’m joining Krista of The Happy Housie, as well as 25 blogger friends as part of the Seasonal Simplicity Spring Series.  We will be gathering together several times over the next few weeks to share some pretty and simple spring recipes, DIY’s, home tours and other spring projects with you. You’re going to love all this springy inspiration!

Today we are sharing 26 spring DIY projects, so make sure to check out all of the projects in the links at the bottom of this post.  As part of todays series, I’m sharing a really simple project involving plants. More specifically, how to grow plants from cuttings.  It’s SO easy to create plants from cuttings right in your own home.  So come, let’s get started!

**  ” How Lovely the Silence of Growing Things”  Quote by Evan Dicken  **

How to Grow Plants From Cuttings

Rooting Plants?

In the weeks or months ahead of garden season, it is a great time to propagate/root plants.  What this essentially means is to take snips of stems from plants, allowing them to grow new roots in water, and then later planting them.  This is an inexpensive and fun way to create and expand your garden!  This is also a really great way to increase your collection of houseplants without spending any money.

Cuttings:  Pothos, Rosemary, Spider Plants and Ivy

What You Need to Grow Plants From Cuttings:

This project has the most uncomplicated list of supplies ever, so you can get started any time!  Here is what you will need:

  • a clean sharp knife or scissors
  • glass bottles
  • water
  • plant stems (see below for plants that root well in water)

How to Grow Plants From Cuttings

Plants That Are Easy To Grow From Cuttings:

Not all plants can grow roots in water alone, but there are many simple options.  Typically plants with woody stems do well, as do succulents and most herbs.  Here is a list of some easy to root plants:

  • Spider Plants
  • Pothos
  • ivy and other vines
  • herbs: rosemary, oregano, basil, mint, parsley, thyme
  • lavender
  • sedum and succulents
  • African Violet


  • Take snips of stems from plants that you may already have in your own home, or collaborate with other plant friends and neighbours and exchange stems with them.
  • You can even grow roots from herbs that you buy in the produce section of your grocery store…in fact I bought the rosemary for this post, in my local grocery store!  All you have to do is recut the stems.
How to Grow Plants From Cuttings
Cuttings:  Spider Plants, Ivy and Pothos

How to Grow Plants From Cuttings

How to Grow Plants From Cuttings:

Using water to root plants is the easiest method there is. Honestly, it’s a simple as putting a stem into some water and waiting 1 – 2 weeks for roots to form!  I’m sharing some tips and a few things you do need to know before you get started.

How to Grow Plants from Cuttings: Cut below the node

  • For your cuttings, snip off stems from healthy, non-flowering, well hydrated stems. Young shoots on a plant work really well…they’re easier to cut and not damage, and they’re already devoting energy to new growth.
  • Using a sharp knife to make a neat cut, cut a 5 to 6 inch shoot from your existing plant, making sure to make that cut just below where a leaf attaches to the stem (below the leaf node)…refer to the picture above. 
  • Then remove any leaves or buds about 3 inches from the bottom of the stem, so basically clean off the area of the stem that will be in the water, and will eventually be planted in soil.
  • Place the cuttings into your jars filled with water, making sure not to overcrowd them.  Make sure the nodules are in the water, as this is where the roots will grow from.  If you can, only add 1 or 2 stems to each jar so they don’t rot.
  • You will likely start to see roots form within 1 week, but let the roots grow to about 1 – 1 1/2 inches in length.  At this point they are ready to plant in soil!
  • Tip!  You may need to top up the water a couple of times while the stems are developing roots.

How to Grow Plants From Cuttings.

So even though spring will not be sprung around these parts for at least 2 more months, it’s been fun to create something that adds a little life and sunshine to my home!  The goal is to be able to plant these cuttings as soon as spring does arrive, but in the meantime I will enjoy their little green cheer inside…and I’m going to have to try really hard not to root every plant I come in contact with!  😉

How to Grow Plants From Cuttings

I hope you enjoyed this super easy plant project and feel inspired to start your indoor or outdoor garden!

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Have an inspired day!

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  1. Brilliant, Jo-Anna! I can’t believe it can be this simple – thanks for sharing this! And so glad you could join in today’s hop. Happy spring (soonish??)!

  2. Thank you from Georgia. I don’t have a green thumb, but hopefully I can get some herbs growing in my kitchen window.