A Pretty Life Does Cancun!

Ola!  I just got back from a trip.
A last minute vacay to Cancun, Mexico with a friend.
And let me tell you…a fabulous time was had!!
So, pardon me, but I’m going to be that person, 
and bore you with all of my holiday photos!
But maybe, just maybe instead, I will inspire you
to take a trip to sunny skies and turquoise seas!
So, here I am, wind blown troll hair and all!
With my friend, the lovely Lori!  My travel mate extraordinaire!

Taking time for myself, 
for a few days was soul soothing…

…relaxing, humbling, and inspiring.
Because what is more soothing 
than the sound of waves crashing…
And who can’t love a little tropical fun?!
I did indeed have a pina colada or two…

…sipping while I stared out at this gorgeousness!

Had me some cheese & chips…
…a few times a day.
Because I could.
Did I mention that the seas were turquoise?

The sand was soft and hot, and stuck to everything.
Mental note, do not sit in the surf.  Just sayin’.

When we tired of the beach, we retired to the pool.
And when I looked up this is what I stared at.
Life was tough there I tell ya.

The biggest decisions we had to make each day were:
Beach or Pool?
Pina Colada or Margherita?
Empanadas or quesadillas?
Um.  Yes please, all of the above.

And where else in the world can you go, 
where you can help yourself to a shot of tequila before you enter a shopping market?  
I did not however, indulge in this…just didn’t seem too hygienic…
…I thought it was funny though!
Did I mention I burnt my thigh?  How does someone even do that?!
That’s for you Lori, lol!
I’ll get over it I promise!  ha ha

Oh, and I had to have a Starbucks!
Me and Dory.  hee hee


This trip was good for my family too.

Because what’s not to love about having your hubby tell you when you get home, after he has spent the last 5 days with the 3 kids, that this trip was “eye-opening” (in a good way) for him too.  Love.


So I say…
…see ya there next year Lori!  Same time, same place?

Adios, Mexico!
If you made it this far in my post, I love you!  😉

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  1. I’m so jealous – but in a good way because every woman should go on a trip with no kids, no spousal unit, no worries and just enjoy life on their own for a few days (or weeks).
    Mandatory holidays for women of the world – I vote yes!!

  2. I’m here loving every photo, have tears in my eyes, and am instantly back on the beach. Thanks, Jo for the kick in the pants to get to the beach. Because, why not go to Cancun for 3 days on the beach!? Of course we would do that! I’m so in for next year!

  3. looks like great fun!! We went there last year on our honeymoon and plan to go back in April. I miss that pretty blue water… and the food too!!! Glad youhad a great time!

  4. What an absolutely fabulous time. My mother-in-law gave us some of those blue rimmed wine goblets years ago- that pic made me smile & think of her.
    Beautiful place- really nothing better than soaking up beaches like that!

  5. I seriously need to do this with a girlfriend soon, just some me time and girlie time, fantastic and good for you, and good for your hubbie to realise what an eye opener it is being left “home alone” with the kiddos!!! great post