My Christmas Music Playlist for 2011

I love Christmas music so I wanted to share a Christmas Music Playlist with you!  I love how happy it makes me feel, I love that my kids sing along, I just love everything about it, except that I only have a few weeks each year to enjoy it! So I started playing it a little earlier this year, because, well, I guess because I could.  So I did. Here’s what I’m listening to this year! (Oh, and to keep things honest, I only downloaded one Justin Bieber song, for my daughter…I promise…)

Christmas Music Playlist


In case you interested, here is my playlist from last year…

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  1. I bought the new Buble too – LOVE IT! I also have destiny’s child, annie lenox, bing crosby, a bunch of the starbucks compliations, she daisy, mariah carey and (um) N’synch (don’t judge) 😉

  2. of course the new Mr. Buble, Josh Groban ‘Noel’, Vince Gill ‘Breath of Heaven’, & Michael W. Smith ‘Christmastime’. Those are my favorites and by the far the best!

  3. A “wonderful” Christmas playlist you have Jo-Anna. I love Christmas Carols, old & new ! One of my favorites has always been “What Child Is This”. I must dig my CD’s out from their hiding place as “Tis the Season” & I should be starting to “get in the mood” as well. Thanks for the reminder !

  4. Checking these out tonight while I try to make heavy lined curtains–I’m SO cold!! And it’s only England!
    I’ve only ever listened to Sarah Maclachlan Winter Songs–becuz I LUV her. ♥