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Fall Home Tour

A cozy fall home tour with loads of fall decorating inspiration! 

Oh happy day, it’s fall in our house!  Every year I embrace this season with open arms because it’s my favourite.  I love the cool temperatures and bright blue skies. I love the changing leaves, crunchy walking paths, the smell of fall in the air, the pumpkin in everything we consume, I love it all.  I especially love to decorate and bring fall into our home.  The colours, textures and scent of fall in my home makes me feel so happy.  I like to fill the couches with cozy blankets and pillows, I burn pumpkin scented candles, and add pretty pops of fall colour everywhere I look.  It just feels nice and makes me happy…I think it makes everyone here happy…my kids and husband always tell me how nice our house feels when they walk in the door.  That my friends, makes my heart swell, and is why I will continue to decorate for all the seasons until I’m 150 years old.

So as soon as September 1st arrived, I dragged out all of my fall decor and got started…it was a week long process by the time I was completely finished, but that’s because I made a few changes to our living room, and now that that’s all done, so is the decorating.

Come on in, and have a look!  I hope that by seeing my home you will find inspiration to decorate your own space…even adding a bowl of apples to a table or one pumpkin on to your porch is good enough.  There is no need to stress…do what feels good to you.

Anyway, enough blabbing, come on in friends.  Welcome to my fall home.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

Walking up to our front door this fall makes me smile, so I hope it makes others feel good too.  This space is the first contact with our home, so I want it to look nice.  Every fall I make this space a little different, and for this year I embraced traditional fall colours, because I like how bright they are and the impact they make when you come up to the front door.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

On our front door I hung the leafy wreath I made last year, which I think looks so nice against the yellow.  From there I added elements with the same colours to tie it all together. Pumpkins, mums, birch branches, lanterns, cozy blankets…now it’s a cozy space to sit and have a cup of tea.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

I actually really like this spot on my porch because in the late afternoon it’s bathed in sunshine.  The kids will often find me sitting here waiting for them when they come home from school.  It’s warm and feels good.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

Molly likes it out here too.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

Now it’s time to come on in…welcome!

Fall Chalkboard Art {A Pretty Life}

I love to decorate my chalkboard nook in the main entry way to greet guests and welcome in the changing seasons!  I’m no artist, but that’s ok…imperfection is perfection here.  I also hung this grapevine and burlap wreath I made a couple of years ago…I like how it came together.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

Now come on in to my living room.  This is one of my favourite spaces in my home!  We made some changes in this space that I’m just thrilled about!  It was time for a change considering the couch we previously had was over 12 years old and starting to show it’s age.  So we bought a new couch, a matching rug and some new throw pillows…it feels like a grown up living room now.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

I kept the fall decor in here very simple this year.  I just really wanted to keep it uncomplicated, so I added a few pumpkins, some leaves from my peony plants, and used decor I had around my home already.  The mantel looks simple, but it’s just the right amount of fall when combined with what I added to the rest of our living room space.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

But it’s this couch area that I really love.  I wanted it to look and feel cozy and I think it is.  With the couch being so dark, I wanted to have pillows that really stood out against it.  So I added pillows with different colours, textures and patterns, but yet all seem to match.  I think they look great with the couch and the rug.  Can you have too many pillows?  I think not.  Love it.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

So cheery and bright, yet cozy at the same time.  I curl up in that corner of the couch every night with a cup of ginger tea and watch Netflix.  My favourite time of day.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

I wanted to mention one of the things that I love most about this room, and that’s the coffee table.  It was so hard to take a picture of what I have going on here, but I love it so.  I was kind of just setting things down on this table as I was decorating the rest of the living space, and when I looked over I actually really liked what I saw.  The driftwood that we brought back from our trip to the coast this summer is the perfect colour and makes a great centrepiece, and I love the pumpkins and leaves surrounding it.  I wish you could see how great it really looks…my pictures don’t do it justice at all.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

Molly loves it in here too.  P.S.  I swore I would never let a dog on our couch…but then Molly came along and I don’t have the heart to make her get off.  Who am I?!

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

Now we turn around towards the kitchen and our eating nook.  Because our home has an open concept main floor, it’s kind of hard not to decorate it all for fall.  I like the decorating to flow, so it’s only natural for me to add a few things to our kitchen and eating space.  But at the same time, I need it to make sense because I don’t have a lot of extra counter space.  So I kept it simple and added some fall tea towels, a basket of fall apples and a little pumpkin.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

But where I really like to have some fun with decorating is in the eating nook.  I’m trying to be more intentional about eating in a pretty setting.  I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, but if I’m cooking a beautiful meal, I want to serve it on a beautiful table.  And of course this isn’t practical for every night, but I like to make it a priority on weekends, especially for Sunday dinners.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

The decorating can be as simple as adding a tablecloth and a bowl full of seasonal elements like mini pumpkins or apples.  Add some pretty glasses, maybe some candles.  That’s it.  Really, it’s the thought that counts here.  We don’t have to be Martha Stewart, because that’s just waaaaaay too much pressure, just do what makes you feel good.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

Now that my fall decorating is all done, it’s time to enjoy it.  Take the time to sit back and really enjoy your space…make it a mission to love it.  Have a slice of pumpkin bread with a cup of tea, and relax.

Fall Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

Thank you so much for coming into my fall home, I’ve loved sharing it with you.  xo

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Happy Fall Y’all!


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  1. Oh my word. Everything is so beautiful.

    So much loveliness.

    The window frames on the mantle. Yes please.
    And Molly is so adorable.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous Jo-Anna! I love the pillows for fall and your mantel and bookshelves… and your dining table decor! The green! I love you advice too: just do what feels good!

  3. I’m partial to a home with a pooch 😉 but I didn’t need convincing on this one. The colours are a beautiful touch against all the stone and earth tones. I love the CraftBerry Bush pillows too!

  4. Loved your fall decor beautiful touches I guess your one of those people who less is more which I like,your house is beautiful,loved the burlap wreath,the couch and your table.Thank you for sharing