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7 Quick Monthly Cleaning Tips!

Here are 7 Quick Monthly Cleaning Tips that will help you keep up with your cleaning!  Simple and practical.

Every month I have a few cleaning jobs that I tackle to keep my home clean!  Because these are things that often get overlooked, having a schedule to get them done makes my overall home cleaning a lot easier.  There’s really no need to clean everything in our homes all at the same time, in fact I think things will get cleaner faster, and stay cleaner a lot longer when we tackle jobs at different times.  All at once can be very daunting, so by taking the time, a chunk at a time, my home looks and feels cleaner!

Here are some tips!

7 Quick Monthly Cleaning Tips

7 Quick Monthly Cleaning Tips

1.  Tackle your pantry!  I swear the mess and chaos in my pantry multiplies overnight.  If I don’t pay attention to it I lose food, stuff ends up on shelves never to be seen again, and potatoes roll into the corner to die.  So each month I try to take the time to do a quick clean in my pantry.  I check expiry dates, I get all the cereal back together, line up cans, throw out old vegetables, gather all the baking supplies into one area and throw out cracker and cereal boxes that only contain food dust and crumbs.  By doing this once a month I can keep my pantry under control and I have a better idea what food I have around.

2.  Clean out the fridge!  I think this is my least favourite job of all and I dread it, but if I don’t keep on top of things it just gets worse in there!  So each month I try to give my fridge a deep clean.  Throw out expired food, wipe down drawers and doors, change filters and light bulbs if needed.

Monthly Home Cleaning Tips

3.  Wash all of your floor rugs!  I have quite a few rugs in my home, and with 3 kids and a dog they get realllllly dirty.  One thing I have learned over the years is to buy bath mats for my floor rugs.  I have bath mats placed at my kitchen sink, in the powder room, at the patio door and at the top of the basement stairs.  The reason I like to use these types of mats is because I can throw them in the washing machine!  And now a days you can find really nice bath mats that don’t necessarily look like they belong in the bathroom…they can actually be quite stylish.  So once a month (or more if needed) I just throw them in to the washing machine.  Clean mats leave your home looking and feeling fresh.

4.  Don’t forget to clean your dishwasher!  Yes, our dishwashers need cleaning too!  Over time grime and gunk can build up in our dishwashers, which can lessen how well they clean.  Cleaning them once a month is best, and it’s easy to do.  I’ve been using affresh® Dishwasher Cleaner and am amazed at how clean my dishwasher comes out!  Sparkling and clean inside, means sparkling and clean dishes.  Don’t forget to rinse out the filters too!

5.  Change your furnace filter!  Dust and pet dander clog up the air conditioning and furnace filters, so it’s a good idea to change them out once a month.  Your appliances will run better, and you’ll breathe in cleaner air!

How to Clean a Garburator

6.  Clean your garburator!  I clean my garburator about once a month, or more if it gets smelly.  I use a 1:1 ratio of baking soda to vinegar.  So I add 1/2 cup of baking soda into the garburator, then I pour on a 1/2 cup of white vinegar.  Let it sit for about 15 -30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with hot water, while running the garburator.

7.  Clean your mirrors!  There are some mirrors that I clean more often, like the ones at our front door that get covered in kid fingerprints and dog nose smears, but there are others that I have around as part of my decor that can get forgotten.  Giving them a good clean, your home will feel cleaner…light will bounce around nicer and your home will feel brighter!

Happy Cleaning!

Disclosure:  I am working with affresh®  to bring you some great tips for a cleaner home!  I was compensated for writing this post, but the experience, wording and all opinions are my own.  I will only share products that I use or think are great!  If you are interested in more affresh® home cleaning products, check them out here!

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  1. Great tips! I have to deep clean my pantry lots because the kids always drop things and its nasty. I love affresh, they also make a cleaner for front load washing machines and I LOVE it. Those things get smelly.

  2. Great tips! My pantry needs a big clean out right now. I know there is stuff in there that has been languishing in the back forever. Maybe this week!