Words I Want to Live By in 2017

I’m entering into this New Year with a sense of adventure, an open mind and a loving heart.  Here are the Words I Want to Live By in 2017.  Bring it on!

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I’m not good at New Year resolutions.  I’m just not.  I don’t like the feeling of having to live up to some specific goal I set for myself because then it just becomes the focus of everything I do or don’t do and just makes me feel bad.  Yes I’d like to lose a few pounds.  Yes I’d like to get more organized.  Yes I’d like to get off the internet more…all of these things are true. But I’m just going to try to live them, and not focus on one thing or another.

Instead I want to have a soft and loving quote in my mind as I approach almost anything I do over the next year.  In past years I have chosen a one-word to live by, but this year I couldn’t quite fit all my feelings into one word.  I had originally chosen Energy as my word of the year, and in a way I’m still sticking to it, but it didn’t encompass everything I was feeling.  Instead, it is in this quote where my heart really lies going into the new year:

“I just want to go on more adventures.  Be around good energy.  Connect with people. Grow.”

A-men.  This just says it all for me…adventure, good energy, connection and growth.  All good things to live by.



I want more adventure in my life, so I’m going to make it myself.  I’m not going to sit around waiting for things to happen anymore, because it just doesn’t work that way.  If we want something, then we need to make it happen ourselves.  So this year, I’m adding more adventure to the schedule…I’m going to travel and visit new places…and this doesn’t mean that I have to travel to the other side of the world for adventure.  I mean that would be nice, but adventure can happen anywhere…even in our own communities.  Adventure for me, will also be about trying new things, maybe even ones that scare me just a little.  Adventure will be getting outside every day.  I need to feel more of the sun on my face.  Wind in my hair.  I want to listen to the ocean.  Run my hands in dirt.  I’m going to breathe in more of life.

I want to be around good energy, so I’m going to protect my energy and stay away from negative distractions as much as I can.  I’m a positive person by nature but sometimes I get wrapped up in other peoples emotions.  As an empath, I tend to carry everyones stuff, and that can be hard on me.  So I am going to work on my internal dialogue…replace negative with positive…because there is always a ray of sunshine if you’re willing to see it.  This is going to be about surrounding myself with good energy, and being responsible for my own energy everywhere I go.  Because our energy, both negative and positive, are contagious… I choose positive.

I want to connect with people.  I miss real life, face to face conversation, so I am going to make an effort to connect more with loved ones, friends and family, in 2017.  Connecting takes effort, and it’s something I want to put effort into, because our loved ones are worth it.

I want to grow.  It’s never to late to grow.  Somewhere along the line I have gotten it into my head that it’s becoming too late for me to learn and do new things.  Which I realize is total and complete nonsense…I have no idea why I got that into my head, but it’s there and honestly, it has been holding me back from so many things.  That needs to stop.  I think maybe this comes from me putting SO much focus into being a mom and wife, which is very important, but I’ve lost me in there…I deserve to grow too.  I’m going to grow this year.  I’m going to learn new things.  I’m going to read more books, take a class or two or ten.  I’m going to try new recipes.  I’m going to participate in acts of service.  I want to meet new people.  I’m going to grow with adventure.

This all may seem like a lot, but really it just comes down to going into a new year with a sense of adventure, an open mind and a loving heart.  I’m looking forward to the good that 2017 will bring my way…and I’m not just going to sit back hoping for good things to happen, I’m going to make them happen.  There’s no time like the present.

Do you have a word this year?  Or a quote?  Share them here in the comments…I LOVE to know what you are hoping for in the New Year…I find it very inspiring!

I wish for you, a happy and healthy New Year.


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  1. I know what you mean about thinking that it is too late to grow and learn things. I sometimes get that stuck in my head as well – and I need to get rid of that thought! I love your plans for the year. I have been thinking of a word or two to describe the new year…I haven’t committed to anything yet though! Best wishes for a happy new year!