1000 Followers Giveaway!

Wow, I cannot believe I have almost 1000 GFC followers!
It has been an amazing year for this little blog, and I wanted to thank all of my readers!
So as soon as I reach that magic number of 1000, I’m going to give you something!
What better way to do that, than a giveaway!
Who doesn’t LOVE a giveaway?!
So go ahead, follow along!
Let’s get this thang started!
Also, if you have an etsy shop or a product you would like to offer for a giveaway, please contact me!
It’s a great time of year for advertising!!

Don’t worry I already have something lined up for my first giveaway!   😉

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  1. Hey there Jo-Anna! You are the winner of the blog header give away! Email me and we can fix it all up for ya!

    Thanks for commenting!



  2. Wow, congratulations Jo-Anna!! I’m getting excited ’cause I’m only 2 away from 100. haha Your blog is awesome. I love all the recipes you share and your projects and decorating are fabulous!! =)

    ~ Catie