My word for 2015

Wow did I struggle with my word this year.  I thought and thought about one word that would sum up all of my feelings and desires for 2015 but that really is a lot of pressure for one word to carry.  In years past my one word came to me so easily and it fit my hopes for the new year like a glove, but this year, boy did I find it hard to come up with the right one.

The problem was that I had a word that kept popping into my head at every turn.  Less…less…less…I tried to ignore it because it felt so negative, and I didn’t want to set the tone for my year to be anything but upbeat and with joy.  I mulled, and searched, and tried on different words but nothing worked.  I just want less.  So instead of fighting my intuition, I embraced it.  Less.

Now let me explain…


I want less.

Less busy.

Less worry.

Less distracted.

Less complicated.

Less stuff.

Less clutter.

Less stress.


But….with less I want more.

More family.

More together.

More love.

More exploration.

More thought.

More thoughtfulness.

More quiet.

More simple.

More purpose.

More intention.

More thriving.


Really, less to me means focussing on the things that matter to me most, more often.  Choosing less stuff and doing less to spend more time with my loved ones.  It means buying less stuff and finding new ways to use what I have already.  Having more thought.  Thinking more about having and doing less.  With this brings more intention into life.  Living with less, and with more intent.  Slowing down the pace.  Embracing a sweet, slow life with less.  Less is a good thing.  So I will embrace it this year.

Have a beautiful day,


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  1. Love it, Jo-Anna. It’s so true. I want to trim away the fat in my life too. I want to savour what’s happening, instead of scurrying past it (or moving piles of crap to get to it).

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’m trying to be more intentional in my life too. It’s such a struggle not to get caught up in everything and loose sight of what is important to me.

  3. What a great post! I think less is a great word 🙂 It reminds me of my friend Nicole’s Busy Is Overrated post… she talks about a full year- not a busy year… I’m loving the push towards time spent on family this year

  4. Stumbled across your blog absolutely love it! This post in particular is so “on time” in my life. Thank you for it. It brings a lot of clarity to my mental!