What I Love Today…

I’m loving all kinds of things right now, and it’s all a bit all over the place…
…but variety is the spice of life right!
Here’s What I Love Today!
I am in love with this food magazine, Fine Cooking.
The photography is amazing, it’s user friendly, and the recipes are real life recipes!
Have you ever tried it?  I had never until my friend Tere introduced me to this treat.
Jicama is also commonly referred to as Mexican Yam or Mexican Turnip, 
but it’s actually a part of the legume family.
It is delish!  Stay tuned for a recipe coming soon!  Like probably tomorrow… 😉

This week I came across this
and now I am obsessed with trying these out!
I’ve got all the ingredients and I’m set to make them this weekend!  Yeeeeeuuumm!

Right now Costco has this Heys luggage set on for $64.99 Cdn that I just couldn’t pass up!
It’s a carry-on and beauty case, and it’s so pretty!
I bought the fuschia coloured set for my travels!  
And I’m thinking the beauty case would make a perfect camera bag because of it’s hard shell.
Love love love this!
Sassy traveling!
Right now I am reading
I absolutely loved her first book, The Birth House, and so far am really enjoying her latest novel.
She has an amazing voice and writing style.
Oil of Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream.
This facial cream is the best.  The best.
I have the driest skin on my face, and for years it’s been starving for moisture. 
Actually not only is it dry, it’s very sensitive to products, so I never really put anything on my face.
But now that I’m not in my 20’s anymore, I’m seeing changes in my skin and I’m realizing that I really should be moisturizing.
My two best buddies both use Oil of Olay, and have always spoken highly about it, so I thought it was high time I listened to them and give it a try.  
(Not only do they both love it, but they have the most beautiful skin!)
So I got some and have been using it for a couple of months now.
Let me just say that my skin has never looked more soft and dewey.  Ever. 
Even my redness has gone down.
I swear by this stuff and will use it until I’m 102.
And lastly, this is my favourite pin of the week!
Look at the awesomeness of this fruit and veggie party table from Amy Atlas!
Genius.  Truly genius!  If this doesn’t make kids want to eat their veggies, I don’t know what will!
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  1. What a great collection of things. I’ve never read any of Ami McKay’s books – perhaps I’ll look for them next time I am at the library. And that veggie table- awesome! Are those watermelon cubes? Right on!