Valentines Inspired Yarn Wreath

Valentines Inspired Yarn Wreath

If you’ve ever looked at my blog, you know by now how much I love wreaths!  I always have.  I love to change them with each season and holiday!  They are such a cheery, uplifting entrance into a home or room.  This year the yarn wreaths are everywhere, and there is no question as to why, they are just simply beautiful.

I have made another one, and this one is what I will be hanging on my door for Valentines.  (I was going to put it out today, but we have crazy winds and it would go flying half across the country!)

If you are interested in knowing how to make one, you can refer to my tutorial for my Winter Inspired Yarn & Rosette Wreath.

Valentines Inspired Yarn Wreath

Simple pretty wreath hanger.

Valentines Inspired Yarn Wreath

I tried something different with my rosettes this time, I swirled 2 colours together, and added some coloured middles to the flowers.

Valentines Inspired Yarn Wreath

Valentines Inspired Yarn Wreath

This is the cluster of rosettes from near the top of the wreath. I think they balance everything nicely.  Ok, these originally weren’t there.  My completed wreath fell on the floor and split in 2.  Ugh.  Not a good moment!  But I calmly glued it back together, and was left with a bit of a mess, so I fixed it by covering it up with more rosettes.)  I actually like this version better!

More Yarn Wreaths to Make:

Thanks for indulging me on yet another yarn wreath!


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