Teeny Tiny Pine Cone Pomander

Create this Teeny Tiny Pine Cone Pomander with a glue gun and teeny tiny pine cones. Makes such a pretty decorative piece for your home.

Teeny Tiny Pine Cone Pomander.  Whoa that was a mouthful.  And this project was a handful…but it was free and the end result is so cute! See how I made this decorative pomander with free tiny pine cones.

Teeny Tiny Pine Cones

Recently my Mom gave me a big box of teeny tiny pine cones, the cutest most tiny little cones you ever did see.  I immediately thought that I needed to put them on display in a pomander type craft.  I was thinking a ball of pretty pine cones as a decorative piece.  So I set about making that happen.

A Teeny Tiny Pine Cone Pomander in a bowl of apples

How to Make a Teeny Tiny Cone Pomander:

  • Using a glue gun, glue each little pine cone on to a styrofoam ball.  I glued them at the bottom of each cone and placed them standing up on the ball.
  • You really could use anything for this project…think buttons, flowers, etc…
  • Start in one spot and keep glueing out from here.  It will take a bit of time, but it’s worth it.
Glueing tiny pine cones onto a styrofoam ball

Just keep glueing them on.  It’s very tedious, but just keep going!  The end results are worth it!

Glueing Teeny Tiny Pine Cones onto a styrofoam ball

Seriously though…this is how I felt about a quarter of the way through hahaha!  Sometimes you just have to laugh at the craft situations you find yourself in.

Teeny Tiny Pine Cone Pomander

Now that you’re done making your pomander you can add it to your decor.  Place it on display on a shelf or a vignette.  Or in a ball of other decorative balls.

So pretty.

A Teeny Tiny Pine Cone Pomander in a bowl of decorative balls

I really love the end result!  It’s so pretty.  And here’s a quick tip…don’t burn your fingers!  😉

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  1. Please email me and let me know how I can purchase some of those adorable tiny pinecones.
    I would love to get some for my crafting.
    Thank you, Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! I’m not sure where you can buy them…I picked mine from the ground at my parents place. If they are available anywhere it would be a craft store like Michaels? Good luck!

  2. Hi, I just found the link to this project so I’m a little late to comment, and I love your little ball and want to make one soon! Just to help other people who are looking for the little cones, though, they are Aspen cones, not pine. Go figure, the Aspen is more like a regular tree but they make little cones. And we get to have fun with them!!

  3. Hi, I just found this through allfreehollidaycrafts.com. This is so lovely, I can’t wait to look for the cones. May use cloves for the holidays. Did you create the cream colored ball in you picture? Will you reveal what medium you used? I am in love with the look of the mixed medium bowlful. Beautiful photography.

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you so much for your kind words! The other balls are actually decorative ones that I bought years ago…I think it was from Michaels. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! Good luck with your ball project…I love the idea of using cloves!

  4. Hello everyone ,i’m from Nova Scotia ,Canada . I love these little cone balls , I have made a few of these in different sizes ,the cones here are called alder buds the grow on bushes . the ball that I made I put them on my Christmas tree last year .I did spray them lightly with glue and put some gold glitter .I found that the cone got lost in the tree when they were just brown .