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Easter Photo Booth

I love this post, I have to tell you…my kids are making a blog debut today!  SO fun!!  I seriously could barely wait to hit publish on this post!

I’ve teamed up with 11 other Canadian bloggers to bring you some major Easter inspiration today – you can check out all of their projects at the bottom of this post – they are so fantastic!  For my Easter project I wanted to make something fun for the kids, so I made an Easter Photo Booth!  The kids loved goofing around with the props and I loved being able to snap some super cute pictures.  Win-win!  See…that’s thinking!

So when Easter rolls around, and all of my family comes together for our Easter dinner, we’re pulling out all the photo booth props and taking pictures.  My mom is going to love this…she loves to take pictures of all the grandkids, so she can do that and the kids will have fun posing for her with their silly props!

Easter Photo Booth {A Pretty Life}

This picture.  Seriously.  I laugh every time I look at it!  What a bunch of hams!

Easter Photo Booth {A Pretty Life}

This is such an easy project – it can take less than 30 minutes to make 10 props – and you can have the cutest Easter pictures this year!

Easter Photo Booth {A Pretty Life}

Here’s How To:

Photo Props:

  1. Bunny Ears
  2. Bunny Nose with Whiskers
  3. Bunny Tail
  4. Carrot
  5. Bow Tie
  6. Moustache
  7. Funky Glasses
  8. Ribbon Streamer
  9. 2 quote signs


  • 10 sticks – you can buy small dowels at craft stores, and cut them to the length that you wish.
  • Ribbon:  I used May Arts Horizontal Stripes Grosgrain Ribbon, in lavender and orange colours for the bow tie and the ribbon streamer.
  • Yarn to make a pom pom.
  • Foam sheets in black, white, pink, green and orange – for the moustache, bunny ears, bunny nose & whiskers and carrot.
  • Heavy card stock paper for funky glasses.
  • Cards with quotes that I bought from Michaels
  • Glue Gun

Easter Photo Booth {A Pretty Life}

How To:

  • Cut the dowels to the length that you like:  our sticks were about 10 inches long.  Just glue each prop to a stick.  Make sure to glue the sticks a little off to the side of your props, so that they aren’t running down the middle of faces in photos!
  • Bunny Ears:  Using the pink foam sheet cut out a pair of bunny ears.  Dress them up with some pretty scrapbook paper!
  • Bunny Nose:  Use the pink foam sheet to cut out a little nose, and the white foam sheet to make the whiskers.
  • Bunny Tail:  I used my tutorial for making a quick and easy pom pom here.
  • Carrot:  Use the orange foam sheet for the carrot (cut it so it looks like a bite was taken from it), and the green foam sheet to make the carrot top.
  • Bow Tie:  I used this bow tie tutorial by Virginia at Fynes Designs, except that I didn’t use the fusible interface, I just glue gunned my way until a bow formed!  😉
  • Moustache:  Use the black foam paper to make the moustache.
  • Funky Glasses:  I used a heavy sheet of fancy card stock to make the glasses.
  • Ribbon Streamer:  I cut 5 – 3 foot long strips of ribbon, glued the tops together, and fastened them to the stick.
  • 2 quote signs:  you can make these, or use any fun cards, quotes that you have.

 – – – – – – – – – – –

Now let’s have some fun!  Here are some of our Easter Photo Booth pictures!

Photo Booth {A Pretty Life}

This kid.  He’s got such a silly sense of humour…and bring out a moustache…he can’t stop giggling!

Photo Booth {A Pretty Life}

I love these pictures of my youngest.  He’s got the most contagious laugh…you can’t help but bust a gut when he gets going!  And the glasses kind of suit him, no?  😉

Photo Booth {A Pretty Life}

And my girl.  Such a sweetheart.  So pretty, so lovely inside and out.  And this kid can cross her eyes like no other I tell you!

Easter Photo Booth {A Pretty Life}

My little man.  My little bunny.  My little lady.

Easter Photo Booth {A Pretty Life}

This picture kills me.  Just look at the crabby face…this after 312 pictures…no joke.  Clearly he’s done with the photo booth.

Easter Photo Booth {A Pretty Life} Easter Photo Booth {A Pretty Life}Easter Photo Booth {A Pretty Life}

 – – – – – – – – – – –

Now it’s time to visit the Easter projects created by the incredible bloggers I’ve teamed up with this month!

12 Beautiful Easter Projects

From left to right, they are:

DIY Easter Photo Props ooooh, that’s mine!  😉
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Hope Wreath by Fynes Designs
Vibrant Easter Wreath by Time With Thea
Hippity Hop Wall Art by Clean and Scentsible
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Ribbon Rosette Candy Jars by The Sweet Escape
Wood Slice Easter Wreath by The Happy Housie
Decorate Easter Eggs with Paint and Ribbon by The DIY Dreamer
An Easter Tablescape with Peat Pots by Satori Design for Living
Simple and Spring-y Easter Headbands by Suburble
An Upcycled Easter Basket by Northstory

 Happy Easter!



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  1. I love these, Jo-Anna! Your kids are so cute; I hope they’ll be making more appearances on the blog!

    My gang would have so much fun with these. Pinning!