Crazy Coffee Cozies

Crazy Coffee Cozies

Ok, I may have gone off my rocker on this one. But I love coffee.  Everything about it.  The smell, the taste, the cups, the cafes, and the cozies. Yes the cozies.  So I made some, and I like them.  And I’m going to use them all the time…because…why not? Don’t laugh, how can you not like them…hee hee

The idea for these little beauties came to me out of nowhere in Fabricland one day. I saw faux fur. I saw sequins.  I saw coffee cozies. Hilarious!  So here they are in all of their crazy glory!

Crazy Coffee Cozies

I must confess, it sheds a little. But it’s cute.  And fun.  I’m trying to LIVE life to the fullest, remember?! haha

Crazy Coffee Cozies

Crazy Coffee Cozies

Why not be sassy when sippin’ tea, I say?

The Sequin Cozy

  • I used about 7 inches of sequin ribbon that I found at Fabricland (it’s about 2 inches wide).  But if you have a favourite mug, or always drink Starbucks, measure your ribbon to fit those cups.
  • Then I lined it with a strip of felt cut to fit.  I used my glue gun to put it all together.
  • That’s it.

The Faux Fur Cozy

  • I measured out about 7 inches of faux fur (and it’s about 2 1/2 inches wide).  Again, if you have a favourite mug or use Starbucks cups, just measure to fit those.
  • I bought 2 wooden buttons, and a strip of elastic tie, for the enclosure.
  • Just get out your trusty glue gun and glue on the ribbon, just long enough that when you loop the buttons together, there isn’t much of a gap at the close.  See picture below…

Crazy Coffee Cozies

Doesn’t it just conjure up images of a cold Canadian winter?!

Maybe not practical, but why does everything have to be?  🙂

Have an inspired day!

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