School Party Owl Drinking Boxes

Hello friends!

Well school is officially out for the year over here.  🙁
Our city, as well many surrounding communities, is still under a State of Emergency because of the flood, so school is cancelled for the remainder of the year.  We will get a chance to go back on Thursday for a couple of hours to collect our kids belongings and say goodbye, then we’re on summer holidays.  It feels very strange to be ending school this way, but it’s just the way things are this year.  We’re just so thankful that we’re safe and dry, and that our city is rallying around to look after each other.

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But for many of you, the last day of school is still coming, so I wanted to share this cute last minute school party idea with you!  My friend Lori (hi Lori!) made these cute Owl Drinking Boxes for her son’s preschool graduation party.  She always has so many great ideas like this!

When I saw these I nearly fainted from their cuteness!  I mean how fun and adorable are they?!  They’re so fun I just had to share them, so with her permission, here they are!

School Party Owl Drinking Boxes {A Pretty Life}

Lori used die cut punches to cut out all the shapes for the owls, but you could use scissors to cut them out yourself.  Here is what the owl is made up of:

  • 1 large rectangle to cover the front of the juice box, in dark brown paper
  • 1 cut out scalloped shape for the face, in dark brown paper:  she used a punch to make the face, but you could just use scissors to cut out the shape yourself
  • 3 different sized circles for the eyes, in 3 different colours:  small black for the pupil, medium white for the centre, and large grey for the outer
  • black square for the graduation cap
  • small orange cut out for the nose

School Party Owl Drinking Boxes {A Pretty Life}


These Owl Drinking Boxes are great for end of the school year parties.  Or you could surprise your kids in their last day of school lunches!  They’re just a fun, and different way to serve up drinks for the kids!  LOVE them!

Have an inspired day!

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