Keep the trampoline fun going all winter long!

Disclosure:  I am working with Springfree Trampoline as a brand ambassador, and I am excited to share my experiences with you!  As part of this partnership, I have been compensated, but as always, all pictures, views and opinions are my own.  We reaaaaally LOVE our new trampoline!  I even jump on it…shhhh don’t tell anyone.  ? 

Ever since we got our new Springfree trampoline, our kids have been outside more than ever.  And now just because winter is here, this doesn’t mean that the outdoor trampoline fun has to stop!  In fact, my kids use the trampoline just as much in winter as they do in summer.

Keep the trampoline fun going all winter long!

Winter is a great time for trampoline fun…and the best kind of fun.  Don’t think you have to put away your trampoline once the white stuff arrives…Springfree trampolines are built for year round fun, so you don’t have to pack them away.  They have fibreglass rods, instead of springs, so no rusty springs to contend with all winter.  Now you have the perfect reason embrace winter and send the kids outside to jump away!

Keep the trampoline fun going all winter long!

There’s something so fun about jumping on a trampoline covered in snow…and even more fun when it’s snowing. As soon as the kids see the fresh snow on the trampoline, it’s a race to get out there and be the first to make a snow angel.  So. Much. Fun.

Keep the trampoline fun going all winter long!

So if you needed more reasons to keep your trampoline out all year long, here are 7 ways to enjoy your trampoline in winter!

7 ways to keep the trampoline fun going all winter long!

  • Dress for the weather.  Bundle up!  If you dress for the cold weather, there’s no reason not to enjoy your trampoline in the winter.    Get those coats, snowpants, boots, toques, and mittens on!
  • Play games!  The snow doesn’t have to stop a game of basketball or dodgeball!  In fact, the snow can make it a lot more fun.  Snowball fight anyone?!  (Just remember not to use your tgoma game system when it’s wet or below -10 degrees C.)
  • Build a snowman or snow fort. The trampoline is a great place to build with snow!  Kid entertainment for hours!
  • Make snow angels!  After a snowfall, the untouched snow on the trampoline is the best place to make snow angels!
  • Keep your exercise routine going.  The snow and cold doesn’t have to stop you from exercising! Get your warm clothes on and get out there and jump!
  • End play time with warm winter treats.  And what better way to end a fun time outside in the snow than by heading inside for a cup of homemade hot chocolate!  Rosy cheeks and mugs of hot cocoa are what winter is all about!

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  1. wow DID NOT know you could still jump on them when it s-35C , thought they’d get damaged, esp with all the snow and ice we’ve had…good to know.