Painting a Garage Door

Home ownership…it’s really a never ending to-do list isn’t it?  There’s always something that needs fixing or replacing or repainted.  Always.  It’s exhausting, but comes with the territory.  Once we complete a project we always feel a little proud and a lot relieved!  One of the tasks that we have been needing to do for quite some time is to repaint the trim on our home and the garage door.  The front of our house faces the sun for most of the day so it tends to take a toll on the exterior, namely the trim and garage door.  So it was time to tackle the beast, since it hadn’t been repainted in over 7 years!  While it’s not a glamorous job it had to be done, and we’re thrilled with the results.

The garage door looks fresh and brand new again!

So for reference, here is the before shot…the door was tired and dry looking:

Painting a Garage Door {A Pretty Life}

And now here is the after!  Fresh, clean and dewey looking!

Painting a Garage Door {A Pretty Life}

Painting a Garage Door {A Pretty Life}

It feels good to have everything looking fresh and clean.

Painting a Garage Door {A Pretty Life}

We’re working on our house trim as well, so here’s an overall shot of how things are coming along.  I’m loving it!

– – – – – – – –

So if you are thinking of painting your garage door, here are some tips!

Tips for painting your garage door and trim:

  • Make sure the weather and outdoor temperatures are in your favour.  Paint is best applied when the temperature isn’t too hot or too cold – between 10 – 25 degrees Celsius is best, and out of direct sunlight!
  • Prep your paint surface (the trim and garage door in this case) by making sure it is free of any peeling paint or rust, then make sure it is clean and dry.  We washed ours down with water and scrubbed it dry.
  • Before we started painting we laid down a sheet of plastic to catch drips.  Drips happen, they just do!
  • If you are painting your garage trim it is best to do this part first.  But before you do this you might wish to remove the garage door seal (weatherstripping).  Ours was easy to remove just by unscrewing it.  Paint your trim.
  • Now it’s time to paint the garage door!  Start at the top of your garage door, and paint one panel at a time, working downwards.  Make sure not to open your garage door while in the painting & drying process!
  • Let the coats of paint dry completely before applying another.
  • Once the door and trim have dried, reattach the weatherstripping.
  • Bask in your fabulous paint job!

Paint details:

– – – – – – – –

Have an inspired day!

Disclosure:  I have been sponsored with product by CIL brand paint for PPG to write this post, but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  Really truly.  I’m loving the transformation with CIL paint in my home!

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  1. We need to tackle this project soon. Your update looks great! These tips are helpful too. I always put off the outdoor projects for as long as possible, but they really do make a huge difference.

  2. This is one think I am afraid of. I am always afraid that it will peel quickly, be streaked, etc. Your door look great, I’ll have to work up the confidence.

  3. Claire – the garage door is one of the easiest paint projects to do and one where you will see immediate, amazing results. The real work is prepping the door to make sure it is clean and free of debris (curse you muddy tennis balls!!).

  4. Looks great, Jo-Anna! Our weather is brutal on exterior paint, isn’t it! Thankfully our garage door has held up, but we’re constantly staining our front porch and deck- ugh! Good thing you got it done before the snow storm!

  5. I love it! Our garage door is white and I’m thinking it might be fun to change up the colour (and our front door too) for some more interest. You’ve inspired me to give it a go….after all this snow is gone!

  6. You did a great job with painting your garage! I love how the colors are all tied in now! I’ve been wanting my garage a dark brown for a while, so this is just what I needed! And I’ll make sure I paint when there are clouds in the sky! Thanks!